Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Active Neothink® Member Benefits Review

Become the person you were meant to be — the person Mark Hamilton sees in you — the person Mark Hamilton chose to join him! Live the life you were meant to live along with Mark Hamilton. Even become a wealth-building Mark Hamilton Partner RIGHT NOW at the ground-floor foundation position!

As an Active Neothink® Member you have FREE access to the Neothink® Clubhouses, the Neothink® Business Alliance, the daily priceless Neothink® Teachings held over the phone as well as through webinars, the 24/7 discussion boards, communication with advanced Neothink® Mentors, networking with the entire worldwide membership, and the fascinating Journey With Mark Hamilton. This membership brings you into a very special group that provides a life-changing, entirely new dimension of living. Members get a WHOLE NEW LIFE full of lucrative new opportunities and new like-minded friends. Members can also participate on the elite team working hand-in-hand with Mark Hamilton making history together and changing the world. As an Active Neothink® Member, it is all FREE and available to you. Become a coveted Mark Hamilton Partner on exciting money-making ventures such as developing and marketing a product (launching you into a value creator!) or running a clubhouse and splitting profits with Mark Hamilton…to being a Mark Hamilton Partner in stopping the anticivilization and starting a new world — the Neothink®/Twelve Visions World! All choices are intoxicating! All choices are available to ground-floor Active Neothink® Members. Life will never be boring again as you discover the new sensation of constant EXHILARATION! Here you get a new life of wealth, love, and happiness! Imagine the new friends (and possibly romantic lovers) you will meet! There is nothing like this on our planet. Get active in this exclusive club today! Imagine starting your value creation at the FOUNDATION level of a new world! Recall the early entrepreneurs in America. Or imagine the lucky few sitting on top of network marketing companies. This is the rarest of opportunities that comes to only a handful of people throughout the world, throughout history. And you, one of Mark Hamilton’s readers, are one of those rare, chosen persons!

Where do you start?

On this web site, you have contact information to your Clubhouse. Simply call and go the next clubhouse gathering. You also have the phone number and pin number to the daily Neothink® Teachings with Mark Hamilton’s top Neothink® Mentors. Simply call in and join those daily teaching sessions. Start tonight! You also have the contact and phone number to the Business Alliance. Simply call Rick and discuss the Alliance and any ideas you have. To get involved with the exciting Neothink® Warriors or The Twelve Visions Party, simply call the persons and phone numbers listed. A whole new world is waiting for you to walk into. Just pick up the phone and make that call. Your life will never be the same as you discover the person you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live. If you have any problem reaching your contact persons, then call Member Services at (800) 480-2336. In a couple of months, Mark Hamilton will inform you about the first-ever amazing Neothink® Network Marketing Opportunity in which you sit right at the first-in foundation level, right at the top of the downlines. Between now and then, walk into Mark Hamilton’s world.


  1. Mihaly A. Hargitay says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton
    Just two days ago I got your last Manuscript the “Forbidden Revelation”. I waited for so long for this
    book!(Sorry for my English, not perfect yet, this is the 6th lenguages i am speaking.)
    Probably you dont know anithing about my person. I am a 86 years old, widow, Retired Dipl.Reaserch
    Engineer. I began to work here in the USA in the 80-is, like research engineer at the US NUCLEAR
    COMISION, and at the FRANKLIN RESAERCH INSTITUTE en Philadelphia.
    I wrote you several times, but newer got any answer! My be i have not to much time to livie!
    But i want that famous NOBEL PRIZE WINNING capacity, what many times was promissed me!
    You know i am and have a cience capacity! Since two years i have 2 inventions, milions life saving discovery what i would like to develop with the help of The Society cientost. I am a technikal resaercher,
    not business man like you and the others! My FNE is the technik, it is iny blood and it is only my desire
    to live! Since my childhood i had this one in my blood! I was always interested in ewery technikal device,
    and i desmonted ewery thing tjhat could be desmonted, from radios to any electrical devices! This is my
    FNE and feel it continuosly! My two invented and dipli guarded invention, only shortly: i could stop the
    dangerous HURRICANS and STOP the deadly, millions killing frontal car crashings!
    Now is your turn Mr. Hamilton bring me together with cientist in the SOCIETY where I could develop
    befor this gentleman my inventions to get the NOBEL PRIZE! Please try to help me, becouse maybe
    i will not have to much life! I am waiting for your kindly answer! Please look up in my archiv! My member
    Number is:M004242181 With best Regards: Mihaly A. Hargitay, Miami Beach, FL.

  2. Felicitas Tobias B. M.D. says:

    Dear Mark,
    I am very much aware by not communicating with you, not by choice; by simply by the fact that I am dealing with a medical physical handicap unlike those days when you found me as a relentless success driven multi – tasker searching for the truth about anything related to the medical profession that I was professionally engaged in since 1959. Joining the alternative health revolution in the early 70’s making myself as the guinea pig even as I was recovering from acute adrenal exhaustion among other challenging diseases as a type II diabetic, cancer, stroke I would love to participate in the network marketing of SOS and if I am so favored by our almighty creator restoring my sight and memory loss you can count on me to do so. Know that I am flattered and deeply moved to have been chosen by you as my mentor.
    Sincerely, Felicitas Tobias B. M.D.
    P.S.I have not received my promised password.

  3. Thomas Bush says:

    Dear Mark: I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation, for you, my mentor. I greatly enjoy learning and find that is somehow connected to my FNE. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, with some background in German and Latin, and want to become a Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology, but I don’t know which area I want to specialize in. I enjoy helping and understanding people, as negative as they can be in this anti-civilization. Anyway, the only missing links for me to becoming most involved in the NeoTech Society is forming or being involved in a clubhouse and learning, beginning retroactively, the daily lessons, and just studying all the literature and having a more in-depth knowledge of the Heirlooms. But I will grow and improve. Know you are deeply appreciated and loved and respected.

  4. Richard Forrester says:

    hello Mark Hamilton i am sorry i mist the meeting i have change my position at my job.i am working longer time .i have no time to really read the way i want to .but i really in joy my books and i have seen the difference in my relationship with my family .

  5. Halima says:

    Mark this is by far information that the masses must have quickly, I don’t mean to sound harsh but we should leave those behind who cannot or will not absorb this information. I was studying for a math test and something hit me like a ton of bricks, you know-thought wise. You can have freedom and manifest what you want within the blink of an eye, there is only one way it is very ancient I will not reveal it here but oh my gosh is it simple!. I am so excited because you can pass any test, win any game, possess any lover you want. I get it thank you a million times Mark.

  6. buenodolly says:

    bonjour mark je veux vous remercie de cette belle lecture et de cette beaute pure que j ai enfin trouver dans vos lecture et grace a vous m a donne la force de retrouver raison de vivre et apaiser mon ame long temps perturber j espere que bientot le partie des douze et sourtout vous apporter cette belle civilisation merci merci merci………… j espere un jour vous rencontre dolly bueno

    Hi Mark I want thank you for this beautiful reading and this pure beauty that I finally find your reading and thanks to you I give strength to find reason to live and soothe my soul long time disrupting j hope that soon the part of the and twelve sourtout bring you this beautiful thank you thank you thank you ………… civilization j hope one day meet you dolly bueno

  7. connie cipriani says:

    Hello MH; With a sad heart I went to church today only by my Mothers request, She does not feel anything good in the church, so i am confused as to why she goes….I am sorry that I could not get into the Q&A after I listened & watched our 1st Mentor meeting, though I did exactly what you told me to do it would not accept my login! I believe in GOD-MAN & the C of U. This is the 1st computer I have ever had, as of May 18 2011. So I am completely new to this beautiful evolution. But the meeting left my WHOLE BODY tingling with excitment & feeling like a sponge to learn & absorb that I believe I got what you called NEO-THINK overload by trying to hard & too fast!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You connie cipriani

  8. thank you for the mind food

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