Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Association for Curing Aging

The Association for Curing Aging

With the Neothink® Movement and TVP Movement in full swing, I am now starting the Association for Curing Aging for Active Neothink® Members. Remember, this is a Superpuzzle, and the proper pieces are being put in place to achieve the ultimate goal of slowing down and eventually curing aging. It all begins with the Active Neothink® Members! You will be the first in line to benefit!


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  1. Hi Mark, I see varied levels of experiences and interests with the “Living Eternally” quest. There are real ways in getting there! At least we have a beginning, which you have started, with the great Neothink movement. I’m sure we’ll be talking about it, in person.

    Philip Seifer

  2. Michael Reierson says:

    Curing death is most likely possible after the anti-civilization crumbles and gives way to the Civilization of the Universe. The various agencies within the anti-civilization greatly hinders research needed to complete this puzzle piece. However, I would highly recommend that you look at this information. Its a practical way to cure all diseases. The big pharma company wants to keep cures like this off the market to ensure they have an unlimited stream of income pouring in. They would rather people suffer and die than to give up their profits. Together we can all make a difference and make this world a much better and safer place in which to live!

  3. Richard Ito says:

    i have always believed in immortality. why? because I just do and reading all the books that have come into my possession has verified my belief system. We need to rally and establish that any man controlled government is really bad for mankind. We are now on the threshold of nuclear decision and with the upcoming elections, I shutter at the thought of what is coming, but we the people can change this by actively enacting neo-think and neo tech, into our lives. Long live Honest Value Creations!!!!

  4. Ralph Belden says:

    So far I have read nearly 5000 pages and 20 or so 10 or more page letters, paid in excess of $900.00 AND have 3 more manuscripts to be purchased which promises to change my life and fortunes. Many things like mini-days goals and schedules which are all in other works like “think and grow rich” and many others and,,, so far,, I have not seen very much that is truly New>

    The “Earth Chronicles” series (7 books) + the “lost book of Enki”, all by Zecharia Sitchen may be of interest for many seeking long life. The Stem Cell Research group out of California says “The First human to live 1000 years has already been born” !!

    The two main things that promote long healthy life, Don’t take the poison the Governments promote ( Fluoride, GMO crops,GHO Meats, read the labels) and,,, Deserve and,,,”Believe you Deserve” It. There are many Pub’s like “Health Science Institute” that are helpful. Read Hulda Rudger Clark’s works, Oxygen Therapy rebuilds cells and, Kills Cancer Cells. I believe NeoThink is a place to start but,, KEEP SEARCHING.

    Too much for 1 post.

  5. Elizabeth Rhodes says:


    I think life is too short, we all have so much to learn and do, would be nice to slow the process down just little.

  6. MARI J DAVIS says:


  7. Jordan Galle says:

    I am eager to learn more about this, as I am certain I would be of great benefit to your cause. Especially if I may be granted access to pure, raw chemicals, I can help you on your goal of not only this, but on curing every disease.

  8. stephen murphy says:

    How do I find out more about the program and what I can do?

  9. Nancy Swenson says:

    I would be a good candidate for cloning. Getting older sucks! I am 62 and healthy, but have planters fasiciate in my feet. It is painful. However I find dr. Scholls shoes work great with not too much pain.
    I want to do so much more in my life…I need time..cloning is the only way to achieve my dreams. Just think how sexy I will be at 20 again!!

  10. Sandra Kirkwood says:

    I have grandkids now, but want to see my great grandkids and their grandkids and their grandkids!!!

  11. Ogden Raafi says:

    My thoughts are that continuously living is possible, and I am all for anyone developing
    a way for people to live longer lives. I am thankful to Mark Hamilton for introducing the world to
    the idea that continuous life is possible for conscious beings.

  12. I think Youth is inside brain.If you keep active your brain,You always thinking young and Creative.

  13. David Weyerman says:

    What do you do now to celebrate life. You are alive! You don’t have to die before they burry you. What you eat how you live, what you think what you wear and where to spend y our time all leads to the quality of life you have right now. With no research into prolonging life. Just goo to the local “Rest Home” or assisted living center and see how others are living NOW. That should spark a big fire in your soul to see that you don’t end up there. So what do you do to avoid being placed in such a situation? Wow where do you stand on drugs. Not the so called street drugs the drugs you get from your friendly DRUG PUSHER called a MD. How many shots do your young children have to have to be allowed to enter school and be part of what is???? And oh this is by far the most ridiculous thing I can think of. I go down the street and see a sighn at the local elementary school that says DUG FREE ZONE Who is kidding who. Most of the teachers are on anxiety pills to be able to deal with the kids. How many kids are on behavioral drugs?????? And you call it a drug free zone? So what are we doing to improve the lives we now have.

  14. Patsey Palmer says:

    I always question religious leaders about death and never wanted to die but since reading your literature , I am at ease with my self and happier .happier every day I want to thank you Mark.Dr.Frank Wallace and Kevin Trudeau. This literature should be in everyone’s house that lives on the earth. THANK YOU ALL I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!

  15. Juan Sunya says:

    I think its more of a right brain problem. For thousands of years the mind has been programmed or hardwired to die. The universe is programmed to die with out consciousness interdicting. Because of this simple programming glitch which at somepoint was natural(reasons) is now more of an illusion. I feel immortal, I think like an immortal there for my natural state is immortal. The question is: Why is it when living in a mystic free society everyone free of mysticism when having a newborn your newborn doesn’t have to startover from mortal to immortal your newborn is born immortal. Just like they are born conscious and not bicameral. Its the very reason the anticivilization has to be deleted its what keeps the assembly line of death going. When you think about this then we are racing against time looking for the combination of a serium or cloning to exchange the old body or reverse aging. I think the serium or cloning is needed.(reasons) The right brain is a powerful chamber even more beautiful when working in synergy with the left hemisphere.

  16. Karen Rowland says:

    What do you think, it all starts with your belief. For me it’s both.

  17. Karen Rowland says:

    If not, I would be more than happy to post breakthroughs through research on current studies that prolong youth

  18. Karen Rowland says:

    Shouldn’t there already be alternative health professionals in the society to post current developments in this arena.

  19. Christopher Reid says:

    I got one question regarding curing age. Is it more psychological or physical? I know I need to get the book to get more information on this topic.

  20. Russel Creamer says:

    I think deep down I always wanted to stay young forever. I sure am excited about it now because I have so much to look foreward for.

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