Monday, November 29, 2021

Active Neothink® Member Benefits Review

Become the person you were meant to be — the person Mark Hamilton sees in you — the person Mark Hamilton chose to join him! Live the life you were meant to live along with Mark Hamilton. Even become a wealth-building Mark Hamilton Partner RIGHT NOW at the ground-floor foundation position!

As an Active Neothink® Member you have FREE access to the Neothink® Clubhouses, the Neothink® Business Alliance, the daily priceless Neothink® Teachings held over the phone as well as through webinars, the 24/7 discussion boards, communication with advanced Neothink® Mentors, networking with the entire worldwide membership, and the fascinating Journey With Mark Hamilton. This membership brings you into a very special group that provides a life-changing, entirely new dimension of living. Members get a WHOLE NEW LIFE full of lucrative new opportunities and new like-minded friends. Members can also participate on the elite team working hand-in-hand with Mark Hamilton making history together and changing the world. As an Active Neothink® Member, it is all FREE and available to you. Become a coveted Mark Hamilton Partner on exciting money-making ventures such as developing and marketing a product (launching you into a value creator!) or running a clubhouse and splitting profits with Mark Hamilton…to being a Mark Hamilton Partner in stopping the anticivilization and starting a new world — the Neothink®/Twelve Visions World! All choices are intoxicating! All choices are available to ground-floor Active Neothink® Members. Life will never be boring again as you discover the new sensation of constant EXHILARATION! Here you get a new life of wealth, love, and happiness! Imagine the new friends (and possibly romantic lovers) you will meet! There is nothing like this on our planet. Get active in this exclusive club today! Imagine starting your value creation at the FOUNDATION level of a new world! Recall the early entrepreneurs in America. Or imagine the lucky few sitting on top of network marketing companies. This is the rarest of opportunities that comes to only a handful of people throughout the world, throughout history. And you, one of Mark Hamilton’s readers, are one of those rare, chosen persons!

Where do you start?

On this web site, you have contact information to your Clubhouse. Simply call and go the next clubhouse gathering. You also have the phone number and pin number to the daily Neothink® Teachings with Mark Hamilton’s top Neothink® Mentors. Simply call in and join those daily teaching sessions. Start tonight! You also have the contact and phone number to the Business Alliance. Simply call Rick and discuss the Alliance and any ideas you have. To get involved with the exciting Neothink® Warriors or The Twelve Visions Party, simply call the persons and phone numbers listed. A whole new world is waiting for you to walk into. Just pick up the phone and make that call. Your life will never be the same as you discover the person you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live. If you have any problem reaching your contact persons, then call Member Services at (800) 480-2336. In a couple of months, Mark Hamilton will inform you about the first-ever amazing Neothink® Network Marketing Opportunity in which you sit right at the first-in foundation level, right at the top of the downlines. Between now and then, walk into Mark Hamilton’s world.


  1. Dannie Barbour says

    Thank you Mark for sending the final book one of your Dad.I’m sorry to hear of his passing.I am reading like crazy and look back and wonder if i’m gaining ground.I love Miss Annabelle and the way she thinks out of the box. Dannie is still chasing his FNE.Am trying to get squared away so I can get logged in. Looking forward to the future.

  2. monte dutko says

    I dont know what to say to you besides awesome job on the manuscripts. Really powerful and enjoyable plus I could feel the power that is embedded in them. Took me to a different dimension,I was really focused and able to think so clearly. You as my mentor, thank you and I am definitely ready for journey with you. I can not wait to show you how intelligent I am,especially the whole world. I will not let you down,my word,you made the perfect choice. I feel reborn!!!

  3. Sheri Kaniewski says

    Mr. Hamilton I became a member last year in November since than I have read three manuscripts and enjoyed them very much. In the third manuscript I was told I would receive a user name and password I have never received this information. Please send me an e-mail so I know where I stand. I was very excited about the manuscripts and now I feel like you forget about me. Thank You for your time in resolving this matter.

  4. Benjamin Cook says

    Hi Mark,
    I have joined the active member yesterday then i could not access any of the programs even the secret website to talk to other members the system charged two times $60.00 for access and I am not able to complete my training with you today or yesterday and it was a real problem to complete the sale process you need to have fix the system before someone else tries to buys the memberships Thanks Mark I have enjoyed my experience very much except trying to expand my journey Ben.

  5. Dennis Lane says

    I want to thank you so much for your send me all three of your manuscript thank you Mark Hamilton I want to thank you for choosing me and believe in me and my talents thank you

  6. Dear Mark,
    This is Marion, my life always had it’s complications. I’ve always been slow…slow eating, thinking, learning, everything etc. So, anyways I decided to just tell you my “IMPOSSIBLE” life! Before I start, I am Disabled and all alone; with a very large family…(but alone all my life). I was born in a family of 12 siblings-3 girl’s and 9 boy’s and I’m the baby of the family. I never was spoiled and the family was very rough. I had to fend for mine but always lost! I always ran to my mom for help but she always told me to learn to be strong. So I did, I’m still doing it to this day. I became a Full Contact Kick-Boxer. I have no fear by the way. Anyway, at one point I became “UNTOUCHABLE”, everybody feared me and so did the cops. I’ve never lied,cheated or stole in my life. I’ve always been fair to everybody but not to myself. The first chance the cops got to have me in their mitts, 12 Special Task Force literally broke me! Now I have severe nerve damage to my lower spine. It hurts! When I turned 50, two weeks after I had kidney failure ; I died 6 times more after that! The doctors said if I didn’t like my new life just eat a banana, it will kill me. One thing for certain, I don’t know how to quite, so I do what I do best…”KEEP PUSHING FORWARD”!!! I’m having neck problems now because I fell 9 times in the shower! I’m having complications learning my phone and on top of that I don’t know if I gave the right email and forgot my password. I need a lot of help! Like I’ve always told everybody: you gotta have a lot of patients when your dealing with me!!! Mark, I can’t wait to have the pleasure to meet you in person to shake your hand with honors, please have patience with me,thank you…..Marion Chavez Sandoval!

  7. Jerry Koempel says

    I feel that I am so far behind on reading which manuscript I am supposed to be reading that I don’t know if I’ll
    ever catch up. I received Manuscript III first, then manuscript I, then II, so when you mention for me to read manuscript one, do you mean manuscript III and so on? I don’t know if I’m reading what your reading.
    I have only read half of my first manuscript, and just pretty much the beginnings of my other manuscripts.
    I have arthritis in my right hand that makes it very hard to type, but I give it my best shot.
    Not to mention my computer is very old and just gives out when it wants to, then I have to wait a little
    while before I can go back and use it. So if I am not typing when you want us to during our meetings, it’s
    not because I don’t want to, it’s because my computer just doesn’t want to.
    I am really enjoying everything I am reading, and I appreciate the way you are teaching us.
    Don’t give up on me. Thanks.

  8. Terrence Nelson says

    Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

    I want to thank you for the fine three books that I have read, plus all the educational material on this website. I was fortunate in that I became the person I wanted to be and were meant to be, and I lived the life I was meant to live. I seem to have the body that is almost perfect, and I seem to be aging quite gracefully. Neothink just seems to be the next phase in my life, and I look forward to becoming more knowledgeable in it. Thank you, Terry Nelson

  9. robert howland says

    Hi Mark Robert Howland here from North Idaho. I am thrilled that you chose me to be a part of the Society
    I’ve been kind of slow with the phone meetings lately but have been reading a lot and studying Mark Hamilton & Family & You. There is so much to absorb that it takes reading and rereading to really get to
    understand the different things that you are trying to convey. You have such a marvelous way of starting
    with the very basics and slowly rising to a pinnacle peak in each of the different subjects that you teach. I truly thank you for all the help that you have given me. I will look forward to the next month and the lessons
    I can learn there. I have started my peoplepedia page and finally got it to show up. I had tried i December
    and January but my computer skills are such that I never got it registered then. I have since improved.
    Thanks again Mark for all you do and I am really looking forward to meeting you at some point in time.
    Sincerely Robert ( Jim ) Howland

  10. yilma worssa says

    Dear Mark Hamilton
    I salute you for your great idea for a new way of life for humanity to create a Civilaization of a New Universe. It amazes me your Neothink cocncepts when I am reading all the books you have written.
    I give great honer for the journey you opened to create a more scientific and a fast growing civilized Universe. I am fortunate to be part of this journey eventhough my personal problem is greater than any a freedom loving individual thinks.
    Inspite of my problemI am very happy when you chosen me to be part of your great historical journey,and without hesitation I responded to your request. The main point of my writting is ;
    I have attended upto the 4th level sessions, with no reason I am excluded to attend the 5th session.
    Dear Mark if you have this awareness and notify me by email I appreciate.
    With best regards

  11. Thomas Higginbotham says

    I am Thomas Higginbotham. I was ‘contacted, boy, youse guys don’t miss a thing, I must say.
    I Read the Pamphlet and now have the First of the Three Books.
    Although I am a speed reader, I am reading this great book at a snails pace {at least for me}. I want to absorb all that I can as I follow Annabelle through all her trials and tribulations. Is very important to someone like me. Alas, I must now speed up as I follow the twelve {ironic you made them Twelve. LMAO!

    I must say, that in the beginning…I have known about Einstein’s agreement with his first wife for decades. I discovered Plato when at eighteen I worked for the Apollo Missions.
    Seven through Eleven {in which I received a commendation for keeping 10 and eleven on time…only commendation ever given for that, Whut?
    And then set up twelve before being assigned to the Kanto Plains as a supervisor over the army, navy and air force in microwave and crypto. Indeed, at Cocoa Beach I held a top secret clearance for the Von Braun Tech Lab.
    SO much more to say. I look forward to my first ‘get together’…soon to come.
    Thomas Arnold Higginbotham, CNN Senior Field Engineer, ret.

  12. Frederick Scott says

    Hello Mark, I have been reading your work and your fathers work since 2013 although I am still working on
    the prime cure and I am excited about completing it. I am writing because I’ve had an experience that is confusing. Within the last few weeks I’ve had a group of people watching me and looking into my personal business. I know this because I often here there conversations and what there saying does pertain to my life, and we all know that no one have the exact same life. One day when I went for coffee at startbucks, which is were it’s been happening, there was a large group of people and as I walked toward the entrance I could hear a gentleman saying to a women in the group that’s him, he also said it to a women who was walking in front of me although it seemed like he tried to whisper. I enter the store and got my coffee i walked over to the condiment stand at which time two women were their and spoke to me, than the women who spoke to me said to the other lady that “he’s the one there bringing in” Well I though they were talking about the league or level three. A few weeks later I approached the gentleman and spoke with him. He denied knowing what I was taking about even though I heard what was being said. Since I have read the prime discovery I now recognize my gifts and how my powers have developed. I am expressing this because I believe they are NT members, but the gentleman said during our short conversation said that he is a christian, My question is how should I have approached the situation, and if they are am I in danger?

  13. Mark you r one remarkable Manas your teachings have put my mind in focus with what really matters life happiness and a good attitude

  14. TerriandPatrick Rasmuson says

    Can i ask a question? I’m wondering if all the neo thinkers moved into the same state in the same neighborhood and the same house, (just build one like a massive skyscraper going upwards or then make a emmense green house over four five or six blocks of which is possible with todays engineering), would the income level go up as well? i believe it would. And if so, if everyone put their money in the same pot then the expotential rate of the amount of things that could be done would be ten times as much, sorta like the old days when familys all lived in the same house and had big houses the income level per house was one factor of why they excelled back then. Then, if we all have a common denominator of one or two good ideas to start with to make and build then the amount of money would go up even greater, especially if it was a mother of necessity need…

  15. Hello MARK, I have read the three manuscripts and have just started the fourth. I am very pleased with the material presented and will do my best to practice your teachings. I am however presently flat broke so have some difficulty, for now, in making an impact on myself or others. Thank you I will soon be better ofrf.

  16. Hello Mark, Im Dano, Daniel M. Just got this letter invite today dec 30th to log in following the letter’s directions and get started.for my first free meeting.. but the site wont let into anything tho its accepted my name and password I made up .And I made up my profile too. I guess is because this is new years weekend and no one is online to make this work right now. Il try again later in the week next week after News Years 2018 holiday. Is my first meeting online or to be in person somewhere ? Is my user name ok since it directed me to make up one or do you assign me one ? my ph number to leave me any calls messages or texting to reply is [DO NOT POST YOUR PHONE NUMBER]. my address is [DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS] Thank You and Shalom


  18. Aloha, Leslie Keliiokalani M., this is my first time, so what is to be thankful, I am not, rich, smart, good looking, and now thinking what am I doing, here and for what….., DREAMS beyond the present mind set today oh! I wrote this 11.12.17

    Hawai’i Kingdom of Na-Kanaka-Constitution
    Na-Makuli- Na-Kupuna Sovereignty-Constitution Document Trust

    Aloha, & Howdy
    A.) this journey started implementing an eternal part of the past, crucial role changing history book respect and competence with confidence required and presenting forces of express passion and emphasizing journey will draw on dreams pure honest approach with meaning and what potential response to relay value received to explain EXPERIENCE WILL CAUSE illusions insight or knowledge integrated with their independence capacity in “common sense” the equivalents of freedom flying free.

    Q.) has anyone with “forbidden revelation” beside your Neothink experience coming out of (dream’s) that has approach the manifestation begins with this mortality of light as my Mother Nature purpose in life and natural selection allow evolution to propagate and improve human consciousness free of distractions beyond the brief moment that be forever the power of pure light, energy with our enthusiasm migrate prime law removing [flaw filled man law] unprecedented freedom interpreting recognition enforcing supreme law of our Land-Lord my father of “Light”
    ..irresistible inherent protection of nature Keliiokalani,

    Aloha, ok a little bout me born 1948 in Honolulu, my parent; Caroline S.; and Francis Moku M., we had 7 of us I am # 3 son 5 boys 2 girls and every Saturday we would clean the yard, and every Sunday we would polish the Car, and then go to Church, and prayer is all we had, we play basketball, football, but my passion was in “Waterful Ocean World” SURFING now there is full Expression, your soul never grow old, and “Kempo” style cairn Black Belt, it served me well in HELL,.

    after living with mom & dad and God every Sunday, herein heaven on earth, then Viet Nam, 1968 army security platoon Pu loi 5 mi from boarder, one night incoming rounds hit near by, and there I was 11 days in a coma, the first death, of me, deep dark empty cold freezing fire 109 fever, and when eye awoke I could not move I was a bucket of broken I was in ZERO ZONE,, EYE later on in dreams I saw 2 death before it happen clear, as DEATH, and I wrote it down B4 it took place, then when it happened I kind da lost my thoughts while I was thinking, and there I was inside my mind watching or I was particle part, a piece, of the thought process in this room, where aviation is a feeling sensation and time goes in every direction 360, to back past and to the future its like a connecting place, any I call it the “Forest of Find” I even have a picture where I go in the portal, I know its make believe, for real, ok!, back 2 me 1970 get out of army, 3yr I got married 1st wife we had 2 girls, things went bad, we split up but made sure the girls got taken cared of and both of them happy married, kids and I grandfather.

    I live here on the big Island of my Hawaii since 1978 Hawaiian Homestead Kamuela Pu u kapu at the base of Mauna Kea, …..anyway just asking if I pay for an interview with a writer to see what will, EXPRESS EXPERIANCE WIT action transmit specific written delegated authority to “represent” full account relating any one in any way professional involvement as referenced ok waiting to here from someone …..thank you leslie

  19. Khyejuat Thoh says

    I am not able to continue following activities for quite sometime as Ihave to k yoube back to Penang to look after my wife who is down with cancer. I hope I can find time to continue as I am not sure whether I am still in benefit as a member. Please let me know. Thank you.

  20. Mark & Steve,

    Salutations are in order because I contacted Steve the other day… I’m trying to contact Steve again but he’s not responding…I was a fool telling him that Jill Reed told me that his wife had passed on…I may have tripped over myself saying it…But he sounded quite upset that Jill would have told me about his affairs…I’m very sorry if I upset him but only tried to convey sympathy for him…Just doing what I do best is get in the middle of others affairs…Hope he is alright because I’m waiting for his response to my text…Haven’t heard anything from him yet…Just following Steve advice to continue to read Marks literature, which I am doing just that because it is what I’ve been searching for my entire life…
    I’m just reading my manuscript each day as expected, waiting patiently for my phone to ring at an early time like last time when another Steve contacted me…Guess he didn’t realize the time difference…

    Your pilgrim,
    Robert W. Henry


  21. I'm william smith says

    Thanks again mark for choosing me,I have learned so much from the books you help me to realize everything that I have experience in the anticivelization . You help me with putting the pieces together.I just wanted to let you know I you for choosing me,I looking forward to working with you and I have a lot in common with you and your dad. Thanks again Bill

  22. Gregory Williams says

    I am studying to be a marketer and I have two domains. I am proud to be with you. I’m preparing to begin soon. Thank You Mr. Hamilton.

  23. Hi mark thank you for choosing me for the 2nd time. back in the mid 70,s i was chosen to join but i did not wished i did just tried to keep my family up and surviving . well now i am old and broken but willing to learn. thanks my friend looking foreword to talking to you!!!!

  24. Mark Hamilton Does the neothink society believe in the law of attraction if they do can you recommend some books

  25. Daisy Christie says

    When I first received your letter I did not open right away but other junk mail I toss in the trash for some reason I held on to that one becsuse where am from we would use those kinds of envelope when I finally opened it and read the content an I saw where the time had expired I was a bit nervous that the opportunity had pass me…knowing the person I did not gave up I went ahead and fax three to four copies or more explaining my self why I didn’t respond right away. Thank God I did…I got a response in the mail an here I am…on my way learning from a mentor…mentors .Thanks a MILLION…. M H and the Team..

  26. Hi Mark,
    I just can’t get enough of your messages, it burns deep and I am loving it. I left a message somewhere on this site, as I am finding my way through it, the other day with a problem with neocheaters. After I did that, I listened to a message from one of the teachings. Wow what a message, really opened my eyes and mind. The only door closes is the one we close, no one else. I wake up at 3 am and I find I do most of my creative thinking at that time, so many ideas come pouring in. It amazes me. I go in to work so excited and can’t wait to share as there is always a SOLUTION to every problem. I did find my solution and couldn’t wait to share it today. The person didn’t understand me at first (which is normal) but when the light came on, his face lit up and he said OMG you’re right. What an awesome feeling. I can’t thank you enough to have found me on my journey through this life and into a better one. Thank you, Truly appreciate what you have done.

  27. Dalton Clarke says

    October 2, 2016 4:47pm
    Mark Hamilton I’m just became a member
    That really have me thinking that we were able keep taking care of each other again Mark Hamilton I’m outside by the Entrance door way back to get how much more we have not asking for over by the Entrance door thanks sir thanks for understanding that we Homeless and there going to take care of what very big Truck Parking lot for this family Friday night Essence just waiting for the next CLARKE’S FAMILY outthere on top right away from the bottom to the top as a family doing it the Neo-Tech way.

  28. Lamour Dixie says

    This is all very new to me,and I know it will be a facinating journey.

  29. JOHN LOCKWOOD says

    Lockwood my inventions of 2000 not yet get discovered no exsoerts to as
    ist me yet one can say I love you and cair not thair is no love but one can show their cair and that is love

    No exsperts to asist me with inventions calucting dust could help asidt millions handy capt mite be billions of dollors inventions but no ecdpertz got time with out moneys for rexerching and davelupments

    Some say I not spell rite its lockwoodnesums s new langwech is all lol hot to have a dents of heammer lol
    Sends if heamer I ment
    Iv got unlimatet values but who’s got time I expeS my values with my I inventions just wayeting for the rite sercomstanes to be k e avelab to me under the rite condrchenz to be patent ritez

    Iv proboly bin a value creayter most of my life but never had the opertunatyes to exspes it much

  30. Dear Mr. Hamilton
    It is an honor to be with the Neo Think Society as a member. I have sent you a letter a few days ago and I hope you enjoy reading it. It has some extra ordinary things I did in the past and also three of my value creations. Thank you for everything.

  31. 1LonewolF78 says

    Mark this is the first time I have been here its overwhelming to me all the different things here. I have a situation I would like to discuss with you privately and get your guidance on how to best resolve the situation I can be reached at [moderator do not put you email on the public internet] or by the phone number I listed during registration. I look forward to my journey in the society and will do my best to live up to the person I was always meant to be.

  32. Elaine Young says

    Good morning Mr. Hamilton,
    Oh I don’t known where to begin, the last time I spoke or left a message I was seeking employment as a Neo tech member. I have a few numbers to follow-up with. I just reason read RQ who stated in June 26, 2015, that there are many openings for us Neo tech members. This makes me feel very good to know. I’ve been going through a temporary disability issues and I need to do a transformation from working with you know who into our New Creation the Prime Law. I am feeling more at ease and confident that I will or should find employment very soon. Even with the many issues I have been going through trying to keep my head above water. I will try those numbers and e-mail I have at my disposal. I just want to thank you for choosing me as one of your discovery, a person who is full of many experiences. I also have been writing a book for many years, had put it a side for some time now. I am going back to finish this wonderful book I have been dreaming of completing. As you know I once had created an Invention, Patent in the United States, Patent in Washington DC. Just at the last payment due, I lost my job and couldn’t completed the last payment this was in 1996. I have worked a long side Child Protective Specialist as well as Case Workers and Commissioners and Borough Commissioners. I was a Program Specialist and Assistant Manager in the Housing Programs and work as a Research Assistant as a case worker. I am a person of many hats. I hold a Degree in Accounting/Data Processing as well as a Degree in Urban Leadership Studies in the Bachelor of Arts of New York University. I am presently a Program Examiner Administer Exams before my temporary disability. I am having a great time reading the many creation of Doctor Wallace Magnum opus of Original and you my Mentor, Mark Hamilton, Coach and Advisor. I can’t wait to meet you one fine day soon. Thanks again for choosing me and to see the many creative person I am, plus creation that I haven’t even begin to tap into for or of myself. I know you did told me you admired me because of my special qualities you have seen in me that I have or had acquire or had or born with, or qualities I don’t even know I have. Smile. I have come a long way and now I have arrived! Thanks Mark from the bottom of my heart, thanks for having me become one of the chosen few! Wishing to fine employment soon!

  33. Scott Camp says

    Hello I am one of your 300 I have not been on a computer in nearly 30 years I am in the trucking industry I work 12 to 16 hours each day six days each week each and every day I read and I read before I have to leave again this is what has to be done just as you had written there is no other way to fully absorb this so I must read these books at least three more times every word in each and every book there must be no mistakes no errors all of this is of extreme importance I think of this of what is written every day and night during this past week I have been dreaming of some of this while asleep that tells me that I am absorbing this very well there is much to learn it is great because I love to want to learn my wish in life is similar to yours through the TVP the people is who I care about it is the people that makes this world great not the rulers I have been trying to become active but my work schedule is not friendly I try to apply to the web site I type to slow and then the screen disappears I will try again soon Thank You Mr M H Scott

  34. Ruby Mcwhorter says

    This all new to me . but I like to know more. This is the first time using THE COMPUTER SO please bear with me. For I am trying to learn this as well as trying to use my mind creatively. I usely stay to myself. this is really hard for me. I can’t fine my FNE I am disabled and on S.S. can anyone help me?

  35. Gary Adams says

    Mark, kam an over the Road Truck Owner Operator. By the Time i get home which is once Every two to three Months. My letters are out of date. Is there any way I can be notified by email and go to meetings in different areas of the country?
    Also I want to share this program with my brother and have him attend meetings. Thanks for your input. Gary Adams

  36. Steven Foerster says

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am at the positive changes that I am able to observe in the Members of the local Clubhouses I facilitate , and joy it brings me in knowing each of them in addition to being able to bring them together in a collective consciousness.
    One of our apprentices for instance has increased his salary $30,000 a year , significantly increased his productivity , in less than the time it took to accomplish twice as much, travels the globe,integrating areas of purpose that will allow them greater financial independence, while both becoming more organized and productive in even their jobs.. While some have work that doesn’t allow regular attendance to scheduled meetings, I am fortunate to say when one of them is in town and desires to attend a meeting , even when I organize an impromptu meeting , several members almost always are able to attend. Some even request private one on one’s with me .
    I am always glad to assist this upcoming Civilization of the Universe forming here and now. I am so overjoyed to be able to see and recognize what is real, often before it fully manifest .
    Thank You for paving the way to ALL of OUR JOURNEYS,

  37. Linda K. Poynter says

    Hi Mark,

    I’m just contacting you to tell you that I unfortunately missed the meeting On Wednesday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. I got a call from a Steve from the Society telling me when the meeting would be and what time it would be. He gave me the phone number to call Chicago that night. However, when I got home from the library and unpacked my book bag, I could not find the phone number that he gave to me to call for the meeting in Chicago. I went through everything over the weekend and could not find it. I ended up calling the (214)414-3571 number to see if they could help me find out the phone number for the Chicago meeting. I called them twice; Monday and Tuesday. I got no answer from them and I just sat there Wednesday night hoping that someone would call me. But no one did; so I ended up missing the meeting in Chicago altogether. I’m so sorry that I missed that meeting even after I ended off work; which totally surprised me. If there is any way that I can make up that meeting online or a different meeting altogether. Please let me know.

  38. Michael Reierson says

    Like you Mr. Hamilton, I see life differently. Years ago I developed a systematic method of tracking information. My mind naturally stores concepts, precepts, puzzle pieces, puzzle pictures, into a file system similar to a computer, then it is very easy to integrate them all together to create puzzles, Each puzzle creates a particular section within my file system, by integrating multiple puzzles together almost simultaneously they create massive neothink puzzles that merge together to create grand puzzles. Those grand puzzles also integrate into universal puzzles. When someone asks me how rich are you, I can truly respond that I’m one of the richest men in the world because unlike the bicameral mind only conceiving material wealth, my passionate monetary value is value creation with a neothink mentality. I see the efforts to curing aging as a concept and part of the bigger puzzle picture of spreading our influence throughout the universe through value creation. Helping and assisting other species, empowering, and inspiring them to create powerful values through value creation. Value creation is the common denominator between everything in the universe. If value was not being created then all value within the universe would implode into nonexistence. In time, we will control the cosmos through value creation just as we control our own destinies through value creation. Energy is the common denominator within each and everything that exists, so in time we as Zons will be able to control the cosmos by creating values through energy manipulation. With this concept we can create new planets, and various additional anomaly through energy value creation. Thank you for helping me expand my abilities to broaden my horizons. I am truly thankful for all of your efforts.

  39. I am 88 years old. I lost my wife last January 12. As i read the dark book, I realize that because of my age there are some things I cab’t do. I had to sell my car to pay for my wife’s funeral. I depend on friends and neighbors as well as relatives to take me everywhere. I have to take at least 2 naps per day. People think that I am 20 years younger than I am and have done so for years,. I was a school teacher and the last 2 years I taught 3rd. grade and loved it. I wished that I had taught that grade all my life. My income has been reduced to about half what I used to get. I had to take out a 3 year loan in order to purchase this website.
    There all many more things that I’d like to say but it is nearly time for me to go to bed. I go to bed early and get up early,.

  40. Dear Mr.Hamilton
    I want to tell you very happy Holiday with your Family and All members
    I wishes altogether very nice and success future,and happy,healthy New Year.

  41. Jordan Galle says

    Dearest Mark,

    Thank you so very much for bringing me into this fold. I am so honored to be a member of the Neothink Society, one whose wisdom and outlooks on life are what I have been searching for all my life. I knew people like you existed, I knew that faith in humanity wasn’t placed in vain. And now I see how right I was. It seems that communication is difficult for me at this point, but I know soon I will be speaking with you all, and our collective minds will soar with the answers to a better world.

  42. If you are very successful,you have to many enemies.Some people are jealous never likes your power
    and prosperity,happiness and victory.
    This type thinker people make me more strong.I work more than before.I want powerful to stand across
    my enemies.Get stronger and protective. But I think all this idea for need more money definitely.

  43. People need Money/Power Romantic life for Discovery
    I am feeling already Extraordinary
    Don t Stop learn more read book day and night
    Become Genius,Smart and Bright
    Forgot yours painful past story
    Look smile future healthy,wealthy lovely
    Be positive throw out all think negative
    Work with New Think always do active and creative
    Change your world get happier.

  44. Dear Mr. Hamilton
    Many thanks for choosing me as Neothink Active Member.
    I am very exaiting and happy.I want to learn more and working for
    Civilization of the Universe.

  45. Dear Mr. HamiltonThanks for choosing me as Neothink active member.I am finally very happy I want to
    learn more and working Civilization of the Universe.

  46. Annik Couppez says

    To Normand, j’ai le même problème, je ne comprends pas les vidéos. Mais il s’est passé malgré tout le peu que j’ai pu en comprendre quelque chose, c’est comme si mon être intérieur lui comprenait le message et cela m’a fait faire en conscience de nombreuses sorties de mon être psychique, j’ai aussi eu des craquements au niveau de mon cerveau. Comment faites-vous pour la compréhension des cours ? Avez-vous trouvé une solution ? C’est tellement dommage, ne pas pouvoir suivre les cours nous empêchent d’avancer. Bien cordialement. Annik.

  47. Virginia Edwards says

    I want to thank Steve Fagan for all his help. I have enjoyed the teaching and discussion on the Wed. .calls.
    I enjoyed the discussion very much. I enjoyed the member and all the great thing the society has to offer.
    Thanks to all. I hope to get better trying to express my vision of what I’m feeling.

  48. rosa lerblance says

    Rosa L. says it has been 23 months since I joined the Society. It has changed my life completely
    for the better. It was a difficult journey that I was on but sitting here right now it was all WELL
    WORTH IT TO ME. I wanted something more than what I had. My whole life has changed. I had
    to change me in order to have the life I was meant to live. Now I think different the integrated
    knowledge I’ve learned has taught me the real meaning of happiness. I will always be grateful
    for being chosen to be in the Society. Thank You Mr. Hamilton for giving me a chance to
    prove myself. I Love You. Rosa

  49. Nestor Conda says

    Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,
    I think I have been a member of your Neothink Society for over a year. I have read the three heirloom manuscript packages and started the Forbidden Revelation manuscript where I found out about the website. I was reading some of the testimonials and comments of the members and is just finding out some of the various activities, i.e. clubhouse meetings, login setting or contacting some of the members . Right now, I really don’t know where to start. Need some help from you or your associates.

  50. Normand Quessy says

    Bonjour monsieur Hamilton, j’ai eu la très grande chance d être choisie comme nouveau membre du réseau j ai reçue le livre la révélation interdite, je ne peux accéder au web http://www.activeneothink pour le suivie
    Mercie Normand Quessy
    Ps s il faut que je soie membre, pas de problème, je n ai pas trouvé le site mon anglai n est pas terrible.

  51. Shaw shaw says


    Hi! Hope all is well in your world today.
    I am interested in the goal-driven Neothink Network Marketing Program.
    Helping to spread the cure to aging while profiting.
    I am currently a member of Houston Self Leaders and Oklahoma New way thinking.
    Both of these are quite a distance from me. I have met with Trin while meeting the Houston group.
    In speaking with Cameron I was told it would be a while before a clubhouse would be in the Dallas area.
    The Dallas area is only a couple of hrs drive as opposed to 5 hrs. The Members service number is not active on the clubhouse locator.
    Thank you; in advance; for all you have done and your assistance.


    Eva Shaw


  53. Curtis Ferea says

    Hi Mark, it’s been quite a while since I had contact with you. My journey thus far has been challenging and full of surprises. I now have finally reached a point where I have a place to call ‘Home’. I now will have the ability to pursue the volumes of Neothink you provided for me. I know there is a wealth of information yet to understand. I look forward to meeting you sometime in the not to distant future. Have a great day!

  54. Funmi Agunbiade says

    I thank you that you are part of my life and my children life I really really appreciate u in my life becos I see your impact in my life thank you I glofied you in the heaven and your Temple oh Lord Thank you MH

  55. Virginia Edwards says

    Dear Mr. Hamilton,

    I want to thank you for choosing me as a mentor. I feel honored and want to be devoted to your divine society. I’m at a part of the Neo Thinking that I’m having a hard time understanding. I found this on my computer and tried calling your help line to be told the number is no longer in services. So please get back to me so I can be at the meetings .

    Virginia Edwards

  56. Mihaly A. Hargitay says

    Dear Mr. Hamilton
    Just two days ago I got your last Manuscript the “Forbidden Revelation”. I waited for so long for this
    book!(Sorry for my English, not perfect yet, this is the 6th lenguages i am speaking.)
    Probably you dont know anithing about my person. I am a 86 years old, widow, Retired Dipl.Reaserch
    Engineer. I began to work here in the USA in the 80-is, like research engineer at the US NUCLEAR
    COMISION, and at the FRANKLIN RESAERCH INSTITUTE en Philadelphia.
    I wrote you several times, but newer got any answer! My be i have not to much time to livie!
    But i want that famous NOBEL PRIZE WINNING capacity, what many times was promissed me!
    You know i am and have a cience capacity! Since two years i have 2 inventions, milions life saving discovery what i would like to develop with the help of The Society cientost. I am a technikal resaercher,
    not business man like you and the others! My FNE is the technik, it is iny blood and it is only my desire
    to live! Since my childhood i had this one in my blood! I was always interested in ewery technikal device,
    and i desmonted ewery thing tjhat could be desmonted, from radios to any electrical devices! This is my
    FNE and feel it continuosly! My two invented and dipli guarded invention, only shortly: i could stop the
    dangerous HURRICANS and STOP the deadly, millions killing frontal car crashings!
    Now is your turn Mr. Hamilton bring me together with cientist in the SOCIETY where I could develop
    befor this gentleman my inventions to get the NOBEL PRIZE! Please try to help me, becouse maybe
    i will not have to much life! I am waiting for your kindly answer! Please look up in my archiv! My member
    Number is:M004242181 With best Regards: Mihaly A. Hargitay, Miami Beach, FL.

  57. Felicitas Tobias B. M.D. says

    Dear Mark,
    I am very much aware by not communicating with you, not by choice; by simply by the fact that I am dealing with a medical physical handicap unlike those days when you found me as a relentless success driven multi – tasker searching for the truth about anything related to the medical profession that I was professionally engaged in since 1959. Joining the alternative health revolution in the early 70’s making myself as the guinea pig even as I was recovering from acute adrenal exhaustion among other challenging diseases as a type II diabetic, cancer, stroke I would love to participate in the network marketing of SOS and if I am so favored by our almighty creator restoring my sight and memory loss you can count on me to do so. Know that I am flattered and deeply moved to have been chosen by you as my mentor.
    Sincerely, Felicitas Tobias B. M.D.
    P.S.I have not received my promised password.

  58. Thomas Bush says

    Dear Mark: I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation, for you, my mentor. I greatly enjoy learning and find that is somehow connected to my FNE. I have a B.A. in Philosophy, with some background in German and Latin, and want to become a Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology, but I don’t know which area I want to specialize in. I enjoy helping and understanding people, as negative as they can be in this anti-civilization. Anyway, the only missing links for me to becoming most involved in the NeoTech Society is forming or being involved in a clubhouse and learning, beginning retroactively, the daily lessons, and just studying all the literature and having a more in-depth knowledge of the Heirlooms. But I will grow and improve. Know you are deeply appreciated and loved and respected.

  59. Richard Forrester says

    hello Mark Hamilton i am sorry i mist the meeting i have change my position at my job.i am working longer time .i have no time to really read the way i want to .but i really in joy my books and i have seen the difference in my relationship with my family .

  60. Mark this is by far information that the masses must have quickly, I don’t mean to sound harsh but we should leave those behind who cannot or will not absorb this information. I was studying for a math test and something hit me like a ton of bricks, you know-thought wise. You can have freedom and manifest what you want within the blink of an eye, there is only one way it is very ancient I will not reveal it here but oh my gosh is it simple!. I am so excited because you can pass any test, win any game, possess any lover you want. I get it thank you a million times Mark.

  61. bonjour mark je veux vous remercie de cette belle lecture et de cette beaute pure que j ai enfin trouver dans vos lecture et grace a vous m a donne la force de retrouver raison de vivre et apaiser mon ame long temps perturber j espere que bientot le partie des douze et sourtout vous apporter cette belle civilisation merci merci merci………… j espere un jour vous rencontre dolly bueno

    Hi Mark I want thank you for this beautiful reading and this pure beauty that I finally find your reading and thanks to you I give strength to find reason to live and soothe my soul long time disrupting j hope that soon the part of the and twelve sourtout bring you this beautiful thank you thank you thank you ………… civilization j hope one day meet you dolly bueno

  62. connie cipriani says

    Hello MH; With a sad heart I went to church today only by my Mothers request, She does not feel anything good in the church, so i am confused as to why she goes….I am sorry that I could not get into the Q&A after I listened & watched our 1st Mentor meeting, though I did exactly what you told me to do it would not accept my login! I believe in GOD-MAN & the C of U. This is the 1st computer I have ever had, as of May 18 2011. So I am completely new to this beautiful evolution. But the meeting left my WHOLE BODY tingling with excitment & feeling like a sponge to learn & absorb that I believe I got what you called NEO-THINK overload by trying to hard & too fast!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You connie cipriani

  63. thank you for the mind food

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