Monday, November 29, 2021

A Special Message From Mark Hamilton To His Readers

Mark Hamilton - Neothink Mentor Program

I invite my private club of hand-chosen, loyal readers of my Neothink® manuscripts to join me. I have devoted my entire life to creating a new world — the Twelve Visions/Neothink® World — where people live the lives they were meant to live, where all people become the persons they were meant to be. I want my readers to become the persons they were meant to be RIGHT NOW on this journey with me! Live the life they were meant to live on this journey together into the Neothink® World.

I carefully select who I want to join me on the foundation level. I choose and invite only those whom I truly see potential to blossom. Namely, I search for soul mates – for searchers. And my hand-chosen readers are searchers. I want to see you experience your own ten-second miracles! I want to see you living your Friday-Night Essence! You have hidden abilities and skills you do not even know about that will now blossom with me

I bestow priceless, life-lifting monetary and personal values on my Active Neothink® Members. I bring out your hidden talent. Your rewards will be phenomenal. Along with my trained Neothink® Mentors, we will personally lift every day of your life to an entirely higher level of living, earning, loving. And soon, you will have the opportunity to network and bring in others via a first-time-ever Neothink® Networking Commission, if you so desire this rare ground-floor networking opportunity! I will not elaborate on the enormous money-making potential of the first-ever Neothink® networking opportunity being offered soon in this exclusive society.

The most common comments I receive from Active Neothink® Members in my personal email inbox is: the promises I made in my first letter to you have all come true as Active Neothink® Members. In fact, I will quote from an email I JUST got as I am writing this: “Just so you know, Mark, the promises you made me in that first letter sent to those you have chosen have all come true.” That email was just sent to me by the radio personality who owns Neothink® Radio (NTR). Yes, production and broadcasting is her Friday-Night Essence, and NTR was her dream that came true in my Neothink® World.

Make your dreams come true, too. Discover the life you were meant to live! Live your Friday-Night Essence! Make ten-second miracles! Become the person that you were meant to be, the person I know you can be. Now you can make the earth-shattering self-discovery of your hidden talents. Discover wealth and romance! At the foundation level opportunities abound! I invite my readers to be among the first-in for many reasons including the first-in of the first-ever Neothink® network marketing opportunity, if you want another rare opportunity to make money, which opens soon. You get the ground-floor, foundation positions in a new world, in the budding Twelve Visions/Neothink® World.

Go ahead now and contact your Neothink® Clubhouse, or start a Neothink® Clubhouse, or pursue the Neothink® Business Alliance, and start enjoying the many other benefits of the Active Neothink® Member as described below:


  1. Jayne Koedding says

    Thank you Mr. Hamilton for inviting me into the Neothink Society. I truly feel honored. I have all 4 of your books and have only finished the second one and am on the third one. The fourth one just arrived this past week. I enjoy reading them and have learned a lot about Neothink. One thing you should know is that I have not worked for anyone for over 25 years. I left the corporate world as a Senior Vice President and started my own custom window treatment and interior design business. It was very successful and I sold it to my upholsterer’s wife when we moved from the Main Line of Philadelphia to Punta Gorda Florida.

    I have not had any money come into my life yet, but am very hopeful. I own an Organic Spa and it is struggling right now because of Covid since we do facials and massages. People are afraid to have a facial or massage, they are just buying products. So I am hurting financially right now and may go out of business because my landlord has only risen my rent and has not helped during this Covid time. I am open to any suggestions you may have. And I look forward to our next meeting. How do I know when the next meeting is?

  2. Anna Haberski says

    Anna H.
    Thank You, Mr. Mark Hamilton, for inviting me to the Neothink Society. Currently, still, a slave to work as RN at the hospital, I receive your invitation before but was too busy working a double shift. Now I m extremely excited to discover my special talent and be a part of this life-changing movement. This is truly a privilege. I m looking forward to meeting you and fallow your teaching ideas.

  3. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the gift of change and the true story of life that’s been stolen from us by government and they continue to feed you that lie their the best and only thing for you I was a slave until that special day in October I was mentioned I had special gifts that other’s don’t but the elect due thank you I’ve been a slave to work and home all my life with no Friday night essence. Until now going on my 3rd mont and all you said in that first letter is coming to a tee my daughter and wife and I used to fight over silly things not no more my daughter is 11 not once has she ever asked to help mom do dishes coincidence I don’t think so it’s all in they’re riding read it Annabelle are super neothink hers are amazing I can’t get enough of it I tried explaining to my wife and all them but they’re still stuck


    Hi Mark

    After going thru my first three books and the first meeting on 10/28/2020, I finally nailed down my first Friday-Night Essence – recognizing that I had couple more to feel complete within the context of achieving goals -making contributions towards human development.

    Moving forward, I will not emphasis how grateful I am for the knowledge received, the impact on my new level of optimism among other considerations that are to be revealed in due course and worth noting the true understanding of human development and the degrading role of government and religion.

    Getting me back on track to live the live I am meant to live, and the person I am meant to be “RIGHT NOW” summarizes everything. This means, selecting me as part of your inner team of the Society, is a decision the world must recognize sooner or later that they owe you a debt of gratitude! Hope to meet you soon. Thank you!

  5. Lorna Eleise Duffus says

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for making me become part of this great and amazing Society

  6. I joined through the mail in 2005 I read my Orentation boiler but I lost my 2 installment booger in 2006, I search the internet but I couldn’t find the society. Today I have you and I am so happy,. Whenever I read the first Installment good things happen to me. Thanks that I have found you online. And I thank the society for discovering me in 2005. Blessings to you all. I am from Jamaica, my address on file has changed.

  7. Dear Mark, Hello, I been trying to log into neothink website but it says I am not listed as a member. My name is Ernest Maynard and I have read my first 4 books and anticipating the 5th book. You have filled a lost part of my life I have also been searching for so long. I was raised in a strict religious belief but for some reason, I felt something didn’t feel right. Jesus tried to teach us how to be responsible human beings. They stopped him. I am ready to do what I can to help. Just ask. I want to thank you for finding me. I do believe. I believe you have the answer.

    Your Thankful supporter, Ernest Maynard.

  8. BillJr Mier says

    Hi Mark Hamilton,
    It is a pleasure to know that there are people who are like you, I am in process of neo-tech 2 and I have never thought I could find more people similar to me in thought about our current government as I write this I am also anticipating your next book that would be arriving soon and do my best to care for the entire collection, I am not as tech savvy but I know some basics, I thank you for all your help and be a full member soon, and thank you for all your efforts to discreetly providing a wonderful truth to many!

  9. Tammy Ragay says

    Hello mark, where do I begin? I was invited to your secret society? but do to unforeseen events my sister called and stopped my opportunity, I am writing and hoping that it’s not to late to ask for my spot back ,I had no other way of communicating with the secret society so if you could help I would appreciate your support, a big thank you for your time to read my email. Sincerely

  10. I am suppose to be participating in my 1st meeting and do not know if I am in the correct area of your website. I frequently have a difficult time finding my way around a computer. Let me just say I tried and I will see what else there is on this site that might qualify. Wish me luck.

  11. Akinremo Nanna says

    Dear Mark

    My Names are Akinremo Nanna and a loyal member of your inner circle but fortunately or unfortunately l am not based in the Uninited States ,
    l presently want to know if there are other active members in Nigeria l can reach out to from time to time in order to fratinize and share ideas with
    We can also send updates to parent body in the United States which offgourse is you .
    l look forward to your reply
    Akinremo Nanna

  12. Hi Mark I would love to meet you in person your books have been an inspiration to me and I am having the time of my life and please know that I have witness some great and remarkable experiences with the reading of my books. I would love to say thank you and your family for keeping me in touch with my truth. Carla Moore be blessed today and stay safe…..

  13. Hi Mark this is Carla 6, I am having a wonderful time reading my neothink books. I find out what I want from my life every day I feel better about myself because of the time of receiving my books. I have recovered from 2 back surgery’s and my mom pasted away in November 32017..I have to admit that this has been a great experience for me because I have witness the true nature of my life and I have witness to remarkable success and your family has inspired me to see how much I can unlock and accomplish by being part of the neothink family.

  14. Adam Andrew Jones says

    Mark, I’ve been part of the Neothink Society for quite sometime now and I am privileged to be thank you! You say I am protected but I certainly have a big problem an actually it’s of most importance regarding my life! So how do we come into contact with each other? My spiritual body has been stolen also my heart and soul, now that may sound weird but seriously it is true and my mind has been punched by magic on my right side and I’m nervous about it like awful! I know who done it but how do I fix it!

  15. Brenda Packard says

    Hi,Mark Hamilton: I have concerns I just received one of your books to read and suppose to call on Thursday nights for the special meetings and I just can’t get through on the phone.I used the number, Id and or password you gave me written in the letter,but it said it is invalid code or password. I don’t know what to do at this point.This is the only way I can get a message to you.I have new email and password and different tablet to look you up. What should I do? Can you help me please? Here is my email Hope to hear from you soon. Brenda Packard

  16. Mark,
    I have been in the Neothink society for over three years. All of your and your fathers books that I have read is an eye opening and almost unbelievable encounter. I basically have been crawling in mud my whole life. I still don’t know how to love even though I’m married and have three amazing adult children, with their own families. My whole clan are very close. I do love them all, but, somehow I seem to put myself in front, and all of them are secondary. Raising myself as a child I think I did not want to share my emptiness in side me and I just can’t trust and forgive. As I read trough your secret teachings I do understand what you are saying. The problem I am having is how many of me are still stuck in in my world. I am not a bad man but I have a lot of downfalls that need to be repaired. We both know that.There are much, much worst people than me???? I very thankful to become a child again and playing in a different world. where all humans are listened too and will also play and enjoy their Friday-Night Essence.
    There is to much greed, hate, jealousies, prejudices, and that’s just the tip. Over 3,000 years ago you speak of the way man was supposed to play and go forward with creating values. Why did man get tainted, poisoned and just turn into monsters??? An example of this is; our Govt has two wings and just will never fly. I really do not like the world I have existed in for 70 years. I long to be happy and playing again. I have Faith and Trust in you Mark. As I stated earlier, I have a big problem with trust. Your just what I need. Mark get me out of this world I am stuck in and let me play. How many people DO have a chance to be born again??? Sincerely, Bill (Wandsie)

  17. Hello Mr. Hamilton,
    I’m always late , please forgive me, send me and email.
    Rebecca Wilbur

  18. David Morris says

    Mr. Hamilton, I cannot thank you enough to be selected; I can understand it may be a trying process and I welcome the challenge! They way you have released your writings/manuscripts is brilliant! From Ms. Annabel’s journey as a teaser through the indoctrination into the Neothink world is amazing. I am making contact with other members as I write to further the experience. I look forward to further interactions.

  19. Hi my name is Christian Swinney. I randomly stumbled upon your book as I was cleaning my dads house and I read 6 pages and it’s amazing. Everything you said made perfect sense to me and I feel the same way about this wicked society. In your book it said before reading part two of level one(I think😭), go on the website to become a member and I will definitely like to become a member. IT seems like your trying to save the world, well so am I. Contact me on gmail:, or twitter @swinneyboy42.. and continue to do ya thang my brotha✊

  20. Muriel Hopkins says

    Thank you for choosing me to participate in the neothink world. I am a registered nurse working in long term care. I love what I do. I am having trouble with my Friday Night Essence. Also, I have a question. Why atre the comments so old? I really need to talk with others

  21. Dear Mark

    l am indeed grateful to be invited by you to be a member of the Neothink secret society .
    l am presently residing in Nigeria l do not know how many members are in Nigeria , l am mentioning this because l think it might be difficult to start a club house .

    l need your advice on how to start a club house


    Akinremo Nanna .

  22. Hi mark.
    I am having a hard time finding my Friday Night Essense can you help?

  23. Hi mark thank you for welcoming me to the group .
    Im at part one and i find it rather difficult to see the full picture.Is it normal?

  24. Hi Mark, I am reading your book now. However I can not pay to join you online, as I have ost my job and things are very difficult at the moment. But I will keep coming on and seeing what the others have to say. Thank you.
    Shirley Smith.

  25. Mark,

    Thank you for your explanation of the ten second miracle. I think I’ve experienced this several times in my life but never really knew what it was or how to access more of them. Anyway, I’d like to do my assignments concerning looking at my job through numbers. I am currently a retired teacher. I do work part time in member services of our local ski resort. Would you suggest that I look at the numbers or ways to improve at my job that won’t start for another 4 months or some how look at the numbers for the landscape design I want to create for my own home? I’m guessing the later since I can work on that now. The project is NOT something my husband wants to put money into at this time, so in order for me to do this, I need to be creative and find ways to achieve this project at the lowest cost possible. My design includes solving an annoying problem that we have on part of our property as well as a problem that at least two of our neighbors are also experiencing.

  26. samuel l hodges says

    Thank you sir I am on my fourth book wow look forward to love taking over the world .May i move to part two?

  27. i am on my fourth book , Teachings are great looking forward to the day when love takes over the world. May i move to part two.

  28. Terrence Nelson says


    I was so fortunate growing up. After graduating first in my class in HS, I got a National Merit Scholarship for college. I selected one of the best engineering schools in the nation, and did well there. Five years after getting out of college, I got out of graduate school, with a MS in engineering. Then I found out what I wanted to do. I worked in the oil/gas industry, and did rather well. I liked my work, and my employers liked the work I was doing. Now I am part of the NeoThink Society. After reading the three books, I want to join the TVP. I do believe that the workplace needs to be depolitize and deregulate. I think if we can get that done, we can have business blossom out. Anything I can do to help that, I am prepared to do it.

    Thank you, Terrence E, Nelson

  29. Vera Sandifer says


    I have just finished reading Level-One essence Meeting Part one. I got the point of Playing as enjoying what you do or finding value in it that others can use also. You also mentioned the fact that guilt from life’s experiences somehow hinders us from enjoying who and what we are meant to be. What about trusting others? I feel that is a powerful force that holds us in the anti civilization mode. Being a retired person I have a slight problem relating to the problems of those that have jobs.

  30. Henry H. Perry Jr. says

    This is my first day as a member and I know there is great info in all the books I have received thus far. I try to break down all the Massachusetts lottery games and it turned out to be a hobby. Now I am breaking down the play 4 daily numbers to get an “in profit” list from past results. when I started it took me about 2 months to break down one year to completion. Now one year is finished in 4 or 5 days thanks to reducing wasted motion in the process learned by listing all operations and doing each one according to Mark Hamilton’s teachings. Because it takes just about a workweek to do a year’s work I’ve done 1991,1992, 1993 and 1994 to completion finishing last night. I spend a bit of a day to check results and these lists especially the “in profit” list have been showing a small profit in most years, hence changing a bet into an investment. I have yet to make it even better in results. I plan to start into releasing “The Hot Sheet” and see where this business idea leads. Neo Thinking will definitely help me with this life long project. With this new and powerful thinking and operating methods I believe anyone with any project can succeed. Thank you Mark Hamilton for this very rare opportunity to learn more how to do this.

  31. I enjoyed tonight’s session. The main points that stood out for me was to run our lives like a business. Also to be integrated in your own right. Some great points were brought up. Regarding Trump as President, it seems like the democrats and the entire media are against him. Trump was a successful business man without being in a government position and was able to include all people rather than just the politicians. It seems democrats are in fear of government regulations being taken away from them.They are more concerned about themselves than the people.We should be aware, this is why we need an integrated society.

  32. Celina Grisales says

    Dear Mark:
    I just don’t know what to say. Presently I am in a chaotic state but despite of this, I know I am in the right track at the right time. I am reading my books that I enjoy profoundly, and I am trying to follow through with the monthly apprentice enriching sessions. Besides my FNE with Neothink programs going forward, I am pursuing other thinks that I had holding for already too long.
    I don’t have the right words; but every human being in this planet should be grateful for what the extent of your sacrifice and intellectual contributions through your life will mean for every human being.
    Once this start it will be a journey with no return and although I don’t know how, I am very happy to be part of this life changing movement. You can count with me. My promise is to continue assimilating your teachings and do what I have to do.

  33. I am using the tools of Neothink to bring forth a new skill set that had been missing from my life. My Mini-Days keep me focused so I don’t drop the ball in learning and creating. My friend, and fellow Neothink reader, Norm Drisco reminded by phone the other day of the amazing mental/physical aspect behind what we have learned from Businessman Mark Hamilton:
    (Thinking + Planning) + (Action + Completion) = Creation
    Think of this formula when you do your Power-Thinking and place the first part of the formula into your Mini-Days for the week to see your Creation!
    Thank you to the many mentors I have had within the society over my 10+ years, and thank you to Mark for introducing us to people worldwide.
    P. S. –
    Next year, 2019, my friend Amos, will be on America’s Got Talent!

  34. susan cowan says

    The books are great, i spend hours pondering over what i have read and although i don`t work i try to place myself in that setting. All in all, these books in addition to what i have learned from source keep that light glowing inside – thank you Mr Hamilton for your invite, this is truly a privilege..

  35. Clifford Brown says

    Clifford Brown says

    M r.Hamilton thank you for inviting me into The Neothink Society. I hope that I am a good canidate. I look forward to meeting you.

  36. Robin Timmons says

    Hi Mark. Thank you so much for finding ME! My biggest problem is taking that very first step, Although, I know there is nothing to be afraid of, but to rise from where I currently stand at this moment. I’m ready, Here I come.

  37. LEA PROBST says


  38. HAMID Dr Farook says

    Some years ago I went to live in Moscow as my Russian wife was refused a visa to stay with me in the UK. There I started networking for Forever Living Products. It was not easy. The office was not ready, there were no products, most Russians did not speak English and I spoke no Russian! Above all, I was petrified of public speaking. All odds were stacked against me.

    I had no Gary Chamberlain (a friend and the best networker in the UK) to run to for support. I was totally alone! A lot of Russians had experienced MLM where people from abroad had come to Russia; promised them the world, taken money from them and vanished. The track record and opinion of network marketing in Moscow was very black indeed.

    It was with all this and my mysticism that I started network marketing in Moscow. I was totally honest with myself and took on 100%-total-self-responsibility for all my actions. I applied Neo-Tech to my life under extreme-survival-pressure. It was not easy.

    I developed my self-selection process based on Neo-Tech. I was looking for a special type of person. I was not trying to convince anyone but the belief-system of people either selected or de-selected them.
    From a person or two around a table with workmen building the office around us the people grew to hundreds in the auditorium!

    I look forward to the upcoming network opportunity.

  39. Benjamin Cook says

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for your warm welcome to Neo Think Society, I’m very anxious to meet you in person. Benjamin F. C. III See you soon.

  40. fredy merino says

    My name is Fredy Merino, I speak Spanish, Is it possible to get the next books in Spanish, because I
    lost my time. I do not now what I do.

    Thank you.

  41. Thomas Carpenter says

    Mr. Hamilton Is it to late for me? I am now disabled and no longer in the work force and unable to work. I served more than 21 years active and reserve military duty. My limitations maybe many but I know that I’m not here by accident. I’ve always known that I was meant for a better life. I am having to read the same things over and over to not forget. I am not sure what to do at this point but, I am reading and taking notes just the same. Thanks

  42. Mr. Hamilton this is Mason J.

    As I have studied your father’s books, I have went into different dimensions I have seen different levels of functioning and I have discovered that the Neotech is a dimension of business of wealth and prosperity and a mental level of a genius and a happy and secure life where you learn enjoy and build your Corporation helping others get ahead in your Corporation where everybody prospers and they will be a success. And they will find their Friday night essence.Mr. Hamilton I also would like to be able go to my clubhouse in Lake City Florida, I have tried to email and call these these folks without any return correspondence. I would like to get to meet these people and be a part of their club house. Thank you for any help that you can give me.

    Mason J.

  43. Mr.Hamilton thank you for all your Books,i still need one more book to read that I have not received yet but I have 6,7 books that I am studying. Slow but surely my LIFE changing all because of your books and soon I will have meetings and getting the message out there it’s awesome i can’t describe what going on in my Life but it feels Good Thank you . Your friend William

  44. Hi Mark, this is Deborah. Thanks so much for considering me into the Society. I’m still not sure why but I will take your reasons as appropriate. I work mowt often 8-10 hours online each week so its been difficult to finish the last NEOTHINK.

  45. Dorothy Steiner says

    Lieber Mark Hamilton…danke das ich auserwahlt wurde Neothink und Neitexh erlernen zu dürfen…ich fühl michbrichtig verstanden und nicht verrückt. ..das mit dem spielen werd ich mit Herbalife anwenden…auch wenn es nich ein Weilchen dauwrn wird bis ich erfolgreichbseien werde…ich hoffe es gelingt mir mit Neotech erfolgreich sein werdw Neo Bücher die mir angeboten wurde gekauft sogar doppelt…dich ich muss Wandeln zur änderung akzeptieren…und nicht so gespalten sein…

  46. Robi Nielsen says

    Hi Mark
    Don’t know if my last post sent. I need to be better connected daily I create ten second miracles to expand my FNE, I am drawn tu the Neo business alliance and Twelve Vision Party. My roomies think I’m in an occult so I learn to say nothing when I blurt out an honest thought the anti doesn’t get me, a lonely place to be. Love Robi

  47. Robi Nielsen says

    Hi Mark,
    I am developing my FNE daily using ten second miracles. I desire to be more connected in the business alliance can’t get enuf of the Twelve Vision Party. I stick out like a sore thumb in the anti I am not the same but as long as I don’t speak honesty there is no arguing, I but it is hard to maintain my Neo it keeps blurting out and my roomies think of it as an occult the less said the better. A lonely place to live. Where are the others Love Rev

  48. William James says

    I’ve read every book that I have received. I am currently reading Forbidden Revelation. Still searching for my place within the Inner Circle (IC). I’ll be on the call 6/12/2018!

  49. Judy Porter says

    Thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton I lost my stagnation job But I thank you for inviting me into the Society I have been learning a lot Now I know What My Friday Night Essence is I know What My next Job is. I thank you for Integrated Knowledge. And yes I would love to be apart of your company. I know some of my hidden talents are. Again I thank you for everything from Judy.

  50. Judy Porter says

    Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton this is Judy. I thank you for inviting me in the Secret Society I have been studying a lot I feel a change over me. It’s because of Neothinking. Yo you told me that I have special hidden talents. I believe that it has came out I. Found out what my Friday night essence is. Because of you I found out what I want to do my childhood desire is I thank you for integrated Knowledge. I am no longer the same but a better person now. Again I thank you Sir. Mr Mark Hamilton.

  51. jack pickerd says

    hi mark sorry hear about your father i still dont know what my Friday night esses is for i was working at least seven day some times at our sawmill i started there when i was 5 now i am . i still dont see what you see n me i am a bka bILATERALBELOW KNEE AMPUTEE,. RIGHT NOW YOU HAVE ME CLASSIFI ED AS A LEVAL III NEO TECH which i am currently reading THE PRIME DISCOVERY WRITTEN BY DR. WALLACE would love to come to yur meetimg but donot have the money right now

  52. Hello MH Thanks once again for your invitation, I know if I stick with this I will truly see the light at the end of the tunnel . And am so very proud of myself for reading the very first letter you sent to me. DC.

  53. Robert Denham says

    Greetings my friend Mr. Mark Hamilton. Thanks for including me in your inter circle. I at level 1, I have read
    the first two Manuscripts and reading the third and Forbidden Revelations.
    Thanks you

  54. Thanks Mr. Mark Hamilton for inviting me to the NEOTHINK SOCIETY.
    As per your letter to me would gladly become partners with you to Open an Clubhouse in Walker, Louisiana
    and more in the state Of Louisiana .

  55. Celina Grisales says

    Dear Mark Hamilton:
    I don’t have the precise words to tell you how grateful I feel for the opportunity you are giving me. I know, I am not an easy person and because nobody understand me, my life, in many ways, has not go in the way my family and others think it should go. However, since I received your first letter, back in 2007 and upon reading your 3 heirloom books, I found the reasons behind their perceptions and that situation bother me no longer. I know I am a different person and I appreciate deeply you saw me as a valuable asset.
    I had meet many wonderful people during my life-time but I never found anybody with the level of integrity you possesses, and the honesty that vibrate from all of your thoughts expressed in your writings.
    God bless you and all your talents and family.

  56. schultz pratt says

    thank you for your research and bring me into the societyits more than I expected

  57. Thank You MH for all these wonderful things that you have mention I am filled with awe.It has been taking me a long time to get to the place where am suppose to be , I think am getting it togather I was reading more than doing. I am still struggling so I still need your help and guidance I see your help back to back its helping me to move forward you might not know what am talking about, one day I will tell you about it. And I do appreciate it. Thanks again. DC

  58. Mason Jacobs says

    Mr. Hamilton this is Mason J., I have been reading the Frank Wallace book, and am in the 7 waves, I am truly sorry for the Loss of your Father. He truly Left a powerful legacy for any that is willing to go to another level not experienced by many people. In my life time I have experienced some people on this earth that is more spirit than flesh. I am one of these people that has experienced supernatural levels, not seen or experienced by man time, speed, light, or space where their is no limit you can accomplish supernaturally. As I read your fathers book, He probably was one of these people, that was very unique and special. In my life I have only met three of these people. My Spirit man is thousands of years old, It was birthed in me from the birth. I know things, I should not know. I see and hear things I should not know. I call it a knowledge of Knowing. I assure You Mr. Hamilton I am not insane but What little I have Told You is absolutely TRUE. I am continuing working on my project, and presently have 5 men and one woman working with me, including a son that is in Spokane Washington. I have been sick but I am continuing, my Neotech Journey. I pray for you and your family. I know it is hard to loose a love one. Well Mr Hamilton I better Close for now. Mason J.

  59. Larry Metcalf says

    Hi Mark,
    I hope this finds you happy and well. Obviously I am a new Level One member. I am having trouble finding my Friday Night Essence. I am a retired musician and that (for as long as I can remember) was all I ever wanted to be besides wealthy. In my retirement I have continued to play in music as a composer which I find very rewarding. I have not become rich since I chose to teach music. I am playing in the stock market in hopes of getting wealth

  60. Halleluja!
    I am at the Level One Part One end where you suggested we sign on and comment on our feelings…
    I was born on Christmas 1934 in the Lexington KY Good Samaritan Hospital. God the Father placed me in Jesus’ arms as His Birthday present. This Christmas I placed a birthday cake beside the Manger/Crib on the altar celebrating His 2018 years living in His body on earth. Dr Wayne Dyer came into my awareness in May 2008. We are all brothers and sisters One in the Spirit of of Source. When I reached the age of 81(Wayne taught that 18/81 was the symbol of God who is One Infinite Force)…8 on its side is the symbol for infinity.
    Jesus is upset that the Church has failed after all these years. Their only function should have been distributing communion and teaching the family that every little boy born is a baby Jesus, and every little girl is Mother Mary, and they should be loved and taught that they model their lives accordingly.
    Love one another; obey the Prime-Law, and we all will be Zons….
    As for immortality my Kaiser Permanente doctors have managed to give me a mind and body that is better than it was when I was 50 years old. In fact today my doctor told me me I would easily make it to 100. As for value creation My wives and I raised 12 children, and currently have 26 grandchildren with 4 great grandchildren. I look forward to completing my year as your apprentice. I am totally in awe of your books and secrets, and know that Divine Love will overcome anticivilization. In Part 3 I am the man in the middle. God bless you.

  61. Hi Mark halminton this is Lana P.and it is a pleasure to have been chosen for this journey I’m excited at times because theirs so many things that I truly look forward of doing and having in life me and my 15 children there is so much I want to say but I want to save some for later but I do know this is that I believe every word you say and have spoken at this very moment as I pour out these feelings I feel like I could just cry I feel happy in side but I do know the change that I will dicsover will lead and take me to this awesomejuorney right now I’m dealing with a kid ney problem I have took in to much cistris acid in my body I will recover I need to lose about 30 pounds

  62. Geneva Branham says

    Thank you mark. I am happy you picked me to be a member of your society. I will try my best to deserve it .

  63. I got my first letter in 2007. I have went on a very exciting and difficult journey since then and drifted away from the NeoThink Society. Forgot all about until I got a new letter today. For a brief period, I am financially tapped. This new letter intrigued me greatly, but I am simply unable to meet the deadline. So where does that leave me? I loved my other books. I just am quite honestly not sure about a great many things. I gained so much and then lost everything years back by no fault of my own, mostly. So then I start digging and was lead to this site and it says you read all these comments, Mark. I was given an opportunity and for a time I did shine thanks to NeoThink. However, I have grown so much since then. A part of me feels like I have grown past actually yet at the same time I am behind. Ahead in mind but behind in circumstance. So I then hope you are reading this and I then make a counter offer. You offered your hand and I am grateful and appreciative of such and so now I offer you my hand. Reach out to me directly. Help me help you. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I think I deserve an open dialogue. Thank you for everything.

  64. David Price says

    Hi Mark, I just want to advise that your teaching is truly inspirational as well as motivational. Thanks once again for choosing me to grow with Neothink.

  65. Howard Daniel R. III says

    Mr. Hamilton, Thank you for the opportunity to provide you my comments here. I am an inventor. I invented the world’s first truly Intelligent Self Flushing Toilet Control System, and hand’s less restroom facility when I was a young man. I hold USPTO Provisional Patent # 06/650,075. Others get all the credit and the money from my first great invention from over 40 years ago. My Patent Attorney appears to have sold my work out to his confederates. Namely Mitsubishi and their Subsidiaries among others. Then he died back in 1995. Since I was a boy, I always knew I was different, I was gifted and had something very unique and special within me. I have always felt that I was special and blessed in ways that go far beyond easy explanation. Something different from many people. Things that were difficult for others came easily for me. Things that were easy for others came hard for me. I always wanted to add value to everything and everyone I would meet. The world, even family have been very cruel to me at times. I have been alone for much of my life. I have not been very good at making relationships work for very long, so I never married. Most women treated me as though I were some sort of an alien to planet earth. Misunderstandings came about often, and I found few comforts expressed to me by others. I have very few close friends. I feel blessed to know them, and know that they are true friends. I am a survivor of unspeakable ordeal. I am a natural inventor by nature and self made design. I see the world with the curiosity as though that of a child whom has never grown up. I have always wanted to make the world a better place than it was before me. I revisited an invention I came up with well over 30 years ago. About 3 years ago, I applied for another Provisional Patent # 62/233,487. I call it by two names; “The Depressurizing Freezer Unit”, & “The Rollins Freezer-VAC”. I do not now have the money to go forward with it at the moment. I do believe that I will succeed in getting what I need financially and otherwise to accomplish making it a reality. It is designed to prevent foods and other perishable items from going bad over extensive periods of time. Finally, I have received 4 of your books. I understand that I am to have access to secret meetings etc., for 12 months. I do not have a username or password. How do I create them or otherwise get them? I want to succeed in life more than words can express. I always have. Please feel free to call me at any time. My home phone # [do not put phone numbers on the public internet], my cell phone # [do not put phone numbers on the public internet]. Thank you Mr. Hamilton for being my Mentor with NEO-THINK. I have every confidence in the world that I will succeed beyond all my wildest expectations. Take care for now. Respectfully, Howard Daniel R. III, Inventor and Scientist!

  66. Mr Hamilton i am so thankful for inviting me to be part of the society.

  67. I have an FNE for running for Congress District 17 California for the TVP…Registration closes on March 9th.
    I have been preparing for this as a Republican since the 2014 election. I was selected to participate in the American Legion’s Kentucky Boys State in 1948. Teaching was my FNE for 35 years. I have been retired now enjoying my grandchildren for 25 years.

  68. andre fuhrer says

    je viens de rejoindre le groupe mais il y a un petit problème je ne parle pas anglais. es qu’il se trouverai une personne qui parle français pour que je puisse dialoguer avec si c’est le cas faite le moi savoir
    amicales salutations
    André Fuhrer

  69. TerriandPatrick Rasmuson says

    they gave a form of symbolism of my invention idea listed, not in full, yet they knew i have a number of ideas that could change the course of civilization and they had them in separate pieces in areas on i know how to read into things i wrote onto many others in regards of. Hope your day is well, Mr Hamilton, Patrick p.s. my foot is healing from where i broke my foot, that’s good at least…

  70. TerriandPatrick Rasmuson says

    Could they make TV shows that instruct human beings how to make and build things?

  71. TerriandPatrick Rasmuson says

    Mr Hamilton, i have an invention id like to donate to the Society, i have too many invention ideas and its the idea that counts. I’m i am treying to paint some paintings and sketches amongst build some things of basic value, yet if ya don’t mind Mr Hamilton, id like to write the invention one this form and donate the invention ides to Mr Hamilton and Neo think Society to build it on behalf of my tiny little circle. Imagine a pick up truck where the bed cover opens. The invention i sent to American Motors of pick up trucks to reduce drag and save on gasoline. i can name each invention i sent out there. Proof, just follow me here if you can Ok? creativity in its finest form. That design i sent to American Motors was to help consumers save money by reducing drag in the back of a pick up truk when the wind goes intothe bed of thepick up truck it pushes up against the tail gate and causes drag reducing the efficiency of the vehicle and cause too much gas to be used. Now take that pick up truck bed cover design and have it like a lid where the bed cover lifts up on hinges. Alright i am going to write the adition ok/ Ya need something that can withstand a bit of heat that you can put int he pick up truck bed like a metal. Put that in thepick up truck bed. Use womens hair dryer coils as its a type of a dry heat and connect those onto the metal in the pickup truck. the metal is a heat shield to prevent the gas tank from over heating. In the winter time, because most places don’t have a place to put the snow and ice due to population growth, theypile it on corners, airports even push it aside, if ya get a bob cat dozer to lift thesnow and ice and put it int he back of the pick up truck and, close the main bed lid to separate thermal values of air temps, ie the outside air is cold the inside air of the pick up truck bed will get hot and to make it work sufficient the bed cover had to close to heat a cubical and worm or heat up the snow and ice. Get a beer tap and pug thatthing intothe tail gate. Make a filter is another idea and filter the water making it into drinkable water when ya open the beer tap and it pours into gallons or jugs and it will be FRESH water compared to recycled drinking water that has more floride and chemicals in it then you can imagine, that every city does, recycled sewage waste water. Anyways, we’d think, i meanm ya close the lid, fli[ a switch to some batterys and thehair dryers turn on in the pick up truck bed, it melts the snow and ice, open the beer tap with filter and make FRESH clean drinking water, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY it frees up space like on a hard drive, i ahd to write that in there, had three computers hacked from somewhere and was trying to do my own investigation on 86 billion computers. A pick up truck with just a bed youd haul the snow and ice somewhere, that defeats a purpose. If ya make theinvention of the pick up truck that melts snow and ice so there arnt obstructions of driver impairments whenthey cant see through a pile of snow, and to keep people safe and make a MAde In THE USA invention, its the idea that ocunts. I’, i am trying to write here to inspire something new, one is to get human beingsto think, second when ya got friends to build some of these inventions, sometimes time is money and its better left to have someone else build it. if i had the money or the parts id build it myself, yet i am working on few other inventions and am trying to work on my paintingsand sketches and my journalizing. i will post Some Open Serious ideas that can help the Society, if i wrote the invention idea here or anywhere int eh Neo Tech Members only web page and write to Mr Haltionand Neo think to own the idea to help America withinovation and spur creativity like the old people use to have, they made and built things and they had to think, sorta like they didn’t have calculators back then, they used paper and pencile to do math, and i am not certain yet i think most people forgot how to thinkof mother of necessity ideas designs. that invention idea, by the way, comes from the city i live in, not owning a car and walking around looking at the ground like ya told me to do when iw as on the first conference call when ya told me to look at the ground wheniwalk around, i trip and fall a lot, or had, yet, the point is, i am giving afree invention to a Society i belong to with my circile and its an invention that isn’t made yet, can be made and is useful in many applications. By e-mail consent and authorization by myself on 2/11/2018 i Patrick b Rasmusson donate the aforementioned writing to Mark Hamilton and Neo Think Soceity ” SBS” That use to be a pen name by the way, it use tobe Switch Blade, Then went to SB Stilleto, then went to SBS, i’m a survivor and i keep knives for survial purposes only, my mom use to have throwing knives, Rudy forced her to get rid of them, if she had them she wwould had probably still be alive, my mom is righthanded and was found with a gun in her left hand and a suicide notein her right, forensics never once had a case like that, outside of AUTISUM i have PTSD i try to maintain by keeping busy or keep going, a body in motion stays in motion and body at rest stays at rest of which is a basic invention idea for awind mill i have that constantly turns, put amotor on the low speed shaft inside the housing unit witht he generators on the high speed shaft, rount some emf to the motor to keep going or to keep the motor turning on the low speed shaft, put solar panels on the housing unit and the propellers of the blades and its shaft and you will have three forms of renewable energy, that invention i wrote to Maureen to get a paper grant from tomake theinvention yet i spilt my coffeeonthe papers because my feet are bad and had my coffee by the papers on the floor, my own fault, i’m kinda mad atmyself because it was a 15 million dollar grant application! bummer! Sorry about the type o’s, if i free write i getmy point across like when an author types, ya just keep typing and thenya go back to correct the grammer or punctuation, there, two in one, ontodays date andtime, if ya can get them to build them in NEO TECH do so, America needs these ideas and so does Earth… FRESH “THE PLAN”

  72. Gérard Manne says

    Bonjour ,cher Mark Hamilton vous m’avez choisi comme membre de la Société.pour les opportunités sur ce site Web. Aussi pour le grand livre…
    Le site Web , et la littérature principale est assez impressionnant! Les livres est une bonne lecture! Mais je préférai que les vidéos,les conférences et les réunions locaux soit en français je parle pas anglais ! Merci .

  73. Bernard H. says

    Hi Mark,
    My name is Bernard H. I was told in a letter from you that I’m included in your inner circle. I am aware of an integration that is for your ears only. It is mind boggling! Please let me know how communicate it. I am sure you are going to be pleased.

  74. Michael Huggard says

    Hello Mark,

    First, I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your informational writings/thoughts. I totally agree with the whole “concept” of the Neothink Society and how it is presented !!! I am very excited to interact with the Society members and to have the honor of meeting my mentor, you, Mark Hamilton… I hope to talk with you as soon as possible. Take care and all the Best to you and yours!

    Mike Huggard

  75. Russell Gould says

    Thank you Mark for selecting me. I’m still looking for my Friday Night Essence.I’m a 68 yr. old male I’ retired from my job. But I am still looking for more stimulating play. Thank you again.

  76. Arnold B.

    January 4,2018

    Dear Mark,

    I’m forever grateful to you for selecting me to become a member of the Neothink Society. You pointed it out so vilely, I needed to given an opportunity. Thank you very much. I will do my best not to let myself or you down.

  77. Michael Dean says

    Wow, Mr. Hamilton, you can’t just read the in depth knowledge that is given us through the words in the books of Mr. Mark Hamilton/ Mr. Frank Wallace .This material must be ingested, turn inside out and upside down, and felt all the way to the core of being, and that is just the beginning. As I begin my road to my F.N.E. in the same path of Jeremiah, one of Ms. Annabelle student, the inventing of the consciousness through the teachings of Mark Hamilton in all its intricacies of understanding, plus the finding of yourself through your past lives to the present is a must. With the incomparable teachings of Mark Hamilton and a little luck through the hard work of the nitty-gritty facets of life I can see the TWEVLVE VISIONS becoming a reality in our present life time. Words cannot express the awe of the endeavor we are in, but a must if we really want to see the Universal Civilization of our off planet brothers and sisters. With that I will must say “I’m all In” Sir. (Dilly, Dilly) or I give you all of my approval

  78. John Spivey says

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for including me in your inner circle. I’m 1500 pages into my latest book, number 23. I have a new one, number 24, that I have not opened yet but will as soon as I finish the one I’m on now. I read and study each book as I get them. I do not speed through them but take the time needed to really understand them. I am thankful for what I have learned. I know what my FNE is and have shared that with you in a previous note. I have also become efficient in quickly analyzing people when I listen to them talk. I don’t mean to brag but it is amazing how easy it is to do that. Your books helped me sharpen these skills and many others. I am retired but very active at age 76. I plan to live a lot longer and continue to sharpen my knowledge and skills. I’m really beginning to have fun with life. Thanks again!

  79. Dennis Lytle says

    Mark, Thank you. since the first letter I knew that there was more than just the idea of money, what attracted me was the fact that I stood at deaths door many times. I knew that the world was not what it seemed. I felt the failures and suppression my whole life. I worked numerous jobs and raised a family killing myself, barely paying the bills. It occurred to me I was following a false creed of an uncivilized world. I was bent against everything I felt inside. I always felt different than others, at times thought I was crazy and nothing made sense. Everyone kept telling me I was out there in nut world I started to believe them and came close to end of my life, then comes a letter from you, as I read it I began to see for the first time I wasn’t alone, I admit I cried a bit tears of joy that perhaps for the first time things would begin to make sense and I could learn how to put these thoughts to reality and understand my own thinking. Deeply embedded beliefs, false beliefs ran my life without purpose. They still buried deep and come out much easier to spot and deal with now compared to three years ago when I started learning the literature and mentoring calls. So much has changed since then. A man came and tried to take my home from me a year ago, because I learned from you I saw what he was for real and put a plan into action and in 6 days three hours I removed the threat and him from my problems, he said I couldn’t do it. he never spoke to me again and avoids me on the street, honest verse dishonest. he don’t like me and I could be more happy ,I have seen his ways all over town. much else has happened as well, long story short people know I’m different, see things they don’t see and call it as I see it with absence of fear. The society has given me a new life and purpose for that I’m very happy much yet to learn and do. Its been slow but speeding up as time goes. There is more I could say but best left for the time and place. The bindings on my books coming undone from reading, rereading, notations and study. so much to learn and understand. Thank you and all the mentors for all of this. The best is yet to come! Sincerely Dennis L.

  80. I am a product of the south,I learned early to watch and learn from everyone. I think of better ways to do stuff that I observe. name randy m.

  81. John Whitted says

    Maestro Hamilton, i’m enjoying {playing life} with you and the scrolls you’ve so masterfully assembled for me and all the others. I’ll be actively around in the Neothink Society and hope you’re happy with such as I. The readers, testifying prior to my post have said all I could have said and they said it all very understandably. Thank You All and Thank You Maestro.

  82. Ralph Cureton says

    Hello Mark Hamilton. My name is Ralph Cureton. I am the proud owner of 4 of your books. I really need to have a private word with YOU about your father’s book. It’s seriously important to me, so that I can continue moving forward. When you first invited me to join, you said that you were my mentor. So with that in mind,l hope you will find time to talk with me. I just know that you will find A way to reach me in Corbin Kentucky.

  83. Shawn Stewart says

    I agree with and understand completely Mark Hamilton’s view of the AC. I want to be the last president that ushers in Mark’s 12 Visions World. I read every page of the first 2 manuscripts of 3 sent to me and will finish the third shortly (hurricane Irma delay in Florida). Two things you should know about me. I have been a self-leader my whole life, and I think in pictures as well, exclusively actually (I had to really consider that second point when you said in the 2nd manuscript that the small number of people who can think in pictures could jump into Neo-Think without knowing anything about it – I can confirm that’s true – I’ve essentially Replicated myself 4 times in my current role as a manager of a team of data analysts so successfully that I have don’t have any work to do most of the time). I didn’t have the mini-day concept, which I can see is awesomely powerful. As for my Friday-Night Essence, I have several, but foremost among them for 20 years now has always been Life Extension through natural ways, without pharmaceuticals of any kind. I am quite the poster boy for that alternative reality at 53 years of age. If you get a chance to meet me in person you will see what I mean. I am today in the best shape of my life, able to literally run rings around men 30 years younger than me on the dance floor, for example, but my mental capacity, memory, speed – all of it is at the highest quality of my entire life right now, today. No it is not an accident – this has been a Friday-Night Essence for me for 20 years. Others have come along later. I’m a continuous, eager learner, and I have to say, I’m a very happy person every day, even in the AC, my whole life really. I look very much forward to a chance to meet people who think like me. That would be such a relief….

  84. Ross disappointed a lot of folks when he dropped., not that I can vote. I’m sorry I have been hit and miss.., my online adventure in the good bad and ugly was an exciting…, education and I am still here after the dust has settled. My education was worth the investment., My view is connected., my concept was clean and whole. By the time this caveman came to a concept of marketing., I was doing free trials of clickfunnels software. Now I am fighting to sell this house. In my travels I moved on from any system that said one thing
    that left me hanging. Not one word of yours Mark has fallen to the ground to be stepped on and that in it self
    is the most important to me., not to mention that you have made for an interesting life., one that has me reaching high., where I never thought I could go and willing to fight for it. I’m down with you.,, in this free will game.

  85. Hi Mark! It’s so nice. to finily meet you. I’ve read all your Heirloom books and part of your father’s work. I really enjoyed the first one having been a teacher I can relate to what happened to her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me. You are the first person to ever believe I have anything worthwhile to offer the world, I truly hope I don’t disappoint you. Have you ever noticed when you decide to begin on a. new path, people who haven’t contacted you for a long time suddenly show up trying to hold you back? This ihas been the case for the last few months. I’ve waited so long to become an active member and look forward to this year of gidance from you As I’m retired I”ll be happy to help with whatever I can. Again thank you for choosing me!

  86. HI Mark
    I have so many things happening in my life. I have lost so many good friends and relativesi in the last
    6 weeks and before I was taking care of so many of my friends and family that I got lost in my time
    to get more involved with Neo-Think and I have missed out. I received your last letter and siged and postmarked it and mailed it on 8/17 so it would arrive on 8/18. Have not heard back from you as it was mailed from the Phoenix Post Office 85032. Hopefully you received it and when I checked today it had
    not cleared the bank. I will be more active now and I misplaced my password so I need to reset it so
    I can get on the website It is late and I will reset it tomorrow. Thanks for including me.


  87. JoAnn Cooksey says

    Hello Mark, Steve R., ‘Digger’, Charlie and I could go on to fill a page or two. I’ve been a member for quite a while, almost nine years now and as I see life, I’ll just hang around with all of you for at least 40 more years, because at a 125 years I’ll still be on the teleconferences, still reading the literature over and over and attending as many Face To The World Summits as I can.

    A miracle has to happen yet for me to attend this one next month; I would love to see all you guys and gals again and have hugs waiting for all of you.

    I would love to hear all the names I have seen here this evening speak up on the teleconferences; and many require the $30.00 a month (well worth it) and many are open to anyone.

    Have a great fourth dimension day as one of my mentors says.
    I am also JoAnn Cooksey Selmont for my writer’s name. I write of the Numerological Science; One day it will be more public and I really can’t say when.

  88. Willie Mosley says

    I would like to say Thank you, Mark Hamilton from the bottom of my heart You have given me a name to call my hidden talents and gift that are in my possession. Yes, I have been searching my entire life for a reason to my existence. That yearning for answers burned within my soul, but what , possibly, could I do with this suppressed divine energy( that’s what I call it, any way, as I drank to calm the thoughts of deferred dreams of better days), and although I believe in a Creator of the Universe for my divine guidance. I just could not follow the mystical doctrine of organized religion. What burned in me was a desire to live in a world that was literally as I learned it, as a child with childlike wonder, awe, and wide eyed curiosity to understand life. Only then in that world, all that would matter is a persons abilities, faculties and potential good they would contribute to our great civilization. Several years back, You sent me a letter that sent my mind reeling in and out of mythology( was the god of Prosperity finally showing me favor) Scientology ( the planets are all aligned in with finances) Theology ( I am reaping what I have sown, or this is a sign) thru all the ologies and end up landing on Hope-ology. I Hope with all my soul that my searching was not in vain. Low and behold, Mark Hamilton found little old Me and have given me a glorious opportunity to join you on this journey building a new world. (I have never placed my faith in anything that I could not see or touch, which is why I have had no path, road, quest, trek, journey on which I could have placed me self.) Now, however you have opened a new realm of living for me and my family. My FNE is to become a beacon of hope by helping those attempting to build better qualities and a way out of a life of fear, oppression, ignorance and poverty into a life of exhilaration, abundance, freedom and wealth. I have in essence lived an unproductive life up until now. I vow the rest of my life, helping Mark Hamilton build the Neothink society and bring the world TVP, and a Twelve Vision World. Thank you for time.

  89. Mark,

    Let me start out by saying howdy! Then I’d like to add that I just got home from running my mother all over creation…To get her blood drawn for her surgery coming this Tuesday at 6 am–Ouch…Then we traveled to Rite Aid for her prescriptions… Got to go back tomorrow to pick up her solution to cleanse her bowls…Because as I’m sure you’re already aware that she has colon cancer…But we found out that it is not malignant…Thank God…This has been at the forefront of my mind for the last couple of days…Forgot to take my manuscript with me today…While waiting for my mother I really wanted to read my manuscript…But had to furnish my thoughts with their garbage news…Almost everywhere is garbage news…Sounds like I could really entertain the thought of creating contemporary news…There certainly a place for it…I’m beat though…Been out driving all over creation…Now my sister is yelling that dinner is ready…I reserve the spot to return later…

    Robert W. Henry


  90. Robert W. Henry says


    Hope you are well my good friend…Just thought about the things rolling around teenagers minds lately and learned the outcome isn’t healthy for them…With this country in the shape, it is politically in is disheartening…My boys hate what’s happening…They tell me when they don’t like something including my involvement with Network Marketing…So when I tell them that I’ve found what I’ve been searching for all my life, they get apprehensive…I hope you’re not mad at me for sharing my find I saw on your manuscript…I was only sharing what I found and nothing else…That’s what I need is my mentor upset with me…Let’s see what else is on my mind? A lot of nothing…………

    Robert Henry

  91. Robert W. Henry says


    Hope you are well and living the good life…I know you have surveillance gizmos around looking at me…There is no other way you know that much details without that equipment…Not that I’m complaining it’s just you must know that I believe marijuana is medicinal purposes & works very great…What they are now finding in strains of THC is the miracle drug that’s been in plain sight and the anti-establishment covered it up so we would never run what science is doing now…They have discovered an anti-cancer vaccine in Texas…They will announce their findings on national TV tomorrow…Just wait and see…I’ve got no money to invest or I would before the announcement tomorrow…Don’t have money to buy essentials… That will be refreshing after listen to each side pit each other towards the ultimate showdown…To hear positive press and not the glib narcissistic rumors that have been going down…I’m a lover, not a fighter…Just a word about my username & password which kicks me out every time…
    I always enjoyed “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” with Ebenezer Scrooge and what awaits him…So cosmic and a real life struggle with old age and the root of all evil,-the- love of money…Ebenezer woke up out of his stupor & began then the long haul to redemption…He’s one of my hero’s that has the power of lifting Solitude into Salvation…Meager into a mighty warrior for God…Or the downcast into royalty….Hope I involve my FNE thinking about this…No ten-second miracle for this but I feel something coming and it will be HUGE….

    Robert W. Henry


  92. Mark,

    Hope you are well my good friend…Just thought about the things rolling around teenagers minds lately and learned the outcome isn’t healthy for them…With this country in the shape, it is politically in is disheartening…My boys hate what’s happening…They tell me when they don’t like something including my involvement with Network Marketing…So when I tell them that I’ve found what I’ve been searching for all my life, they get apprehensive…I hope you’re not mad at me for sharing my find I saw on your manuscript…I was only sharing what I found and nothing else…That’s what I need is my mentor upset with me…Let’s see what else is on my mind? I’m going to say nothing right now…Sorry, I can’t give more data right now but I will later…I’m thinking of other things that don’t pertain to this…

    Robert Henry

  93. Mark<


    Hope you are well my good friend…Just thought about the things rolling around teenagers minds lately and learned the outcome isn't healthy for them…With this country in the shape, it is politically in is disheartening…My boys hate what's happening…They tell me when they don't like something including my involvement with Network Marketing…So when I tell them that I've found what I've been searching for all my life, they get apprehensive…I hope you're not mad at me for sharing my find I saw on your manuscript…I was only sharing what I found and nothing else…That's what I need is my mentor upset with me…Let's see what else is on my mind? I'm going to say nothing right now…

    Robert Henry

  94. Mark,

    It’s going to be another beautiful day again…I hope the weather where you live is awesome too…
    Well, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the daunting journey before me now as I press onto the goal of starting my own clubhouse…Never thought I’d be chosen to orchestrate this type of ordeal…Guess it’s all in the cards so to speak…Regardless, my sister will do everything she can to destroy what I begin…She’ll make sure my life doesn’t go anywhere…The Jezebel Spirit is no joke…I’ve witnessed what she is capable of…Don’t understand it but I’ve seen it up close and personal…I read in your manuscript that I’m to introduce my family in the Invitation Meetings…My sister won’t have anything to do with anything I orchestrate…I’ll be lucky if I can create my songs I intend on creating…But I will overcome, correct?

    Your next warrior,
    Robert W. Henry


  95. Brother Mark,

    Just wanted to say that my username doesn’t work with my chosen password…
    Don’t know why but just thought you’d better be told…After reading the passages in
    “Forbidden Revelation,” I noticed you wanted to take it public…Wow, let me say that sounds terrific to allow others the ability that was only exposed to searchers…I suppose everyone has the right to life and to live it more abundantly even if they don’t know anything about this program…You can count me in because of the many years of networking I’ve completed…I’ll continue reading your classic to discover more because you can never know everything about networking…Even the great ( Jim Rohn ) who with all his wisdom told everyone to continue learning everything you can no matter what…
    (Robert Kiyosaki) told everyone to continue learning for the sake of knowledge…They felt that knowledge was instrumental in our walk in life and that knowledge somehow made everything different…Regardless of what they said I believe you know more in your little pinkie than they did combine, I’m hoping that is the case, I’d be pretty stupid to fall victim to another Wako uprising…
    Remember that incident where David Karesh stonewalled a camp in Wako, TX. The outcome was disastrous, or the incident overseas where the entire camp was lead to drinking Cyanide…I’m pretty stupid at times but come on who would ever do such a thing knowing they had kids back home…I know I certainly wouldn’t…I will read your literature to find out if you have a game plan established already, then once I discover what it is I’ll make the shift into Neothink Society for my FNE…Perfect, then it’s settled, once established then I make it my priority for my life’s work…

    Your fearless leader–lol,
    Robert W. Henry


  96. Brother Mark,

    It looks as though I’m someone very special because I’m on the pages so much…
    However, I rarely see myself in your eyes…One can only hope it turns out the way you’re describing…
    How can I pursue my self’s essence with nothing to work with?
    The other day I was digging through my clothes to find something to wear…Little did I know that I was searching for something that wasn’t there…So today my Mother & I went shopping at Kohl’s clothing store…We pick up some outfits but they weren’t what I was looking for…Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t looking for any tangible item, I was searching for my FNE…Because I don’t have a 9 to 5 job where I work for someone else…I need to know how to equate my existence knowing I don’t have the necessary tools to work with…
    So I was at a loss to not be able to locate my FNE…Please advise????????????

    Your servent,
    Robert W. Henry

  97. Brother Mark,

    An extremely happy to know you, for we are our Earth’s next leaders, furthermore we are our generations first responders…Meaning that we have the responsibility to overcome the anti-establishment… Carefully we’ll prevail…By eliminating various nefarious groups that are causing so much turmoil…But we’ll have to replace those groups with Neothink groups, correct? Or we’ll become lopsided…Unbalanced does not make the state of the Union…
    Mark, thank you for allowing me to view your beloved “Forbidden Revelation”, for it is here I’ll discover why I’m who I am…Even though I’m not working, I’ll develop my FNE…Sounds delightful…Looking forward to that…

    Yours truly,
    Robert Henry


  98. Hello Mark & Steve,

    Salutations to both of you…I just found out that my son who was in the hospital is now back home…
    Praise the mighty name of Jesus…Mark you and Jesus seem to possess the same attributes…This really boggles my mind knowing that I’m going to create massive income…

    Yours truly,
    Rob W. Henry

  99. Hello Mark & Steve,

    Salutations to both of you…I just found out that my son who was in the hospital is now back home…
    Praise the mighty name of Jesus…Mark you and Jesus seem to possess the same attributes…This really boggles my mind knowing that I’m going to create massive income…Because right now it doesn’t look that way…But I realize that time heals and creates much successful evidence…Right now I’m going to my gym…
    Take care guys…Until next time…

    Yours truly,
    Rob W. Henry

  100. Robert W. Henry says


    I can see this business soar when it goes public…Just wished I wasn’t disabled and dependent on Percocet…My mind is traveling about to the vision of my future success…But I need to settle down and focus on starting this business…What I need is to purchase a debt free status Corporation as a 501c3 Organization…Then my business which I call God’s Bounty…This will establish such great wealth it will surpass all the income of any person that started the computer industry because everyone buys food, drives cars, drinks soft drinks unfortunately for them due to their acidic nature…But the product which comes from God is definitely the correct entity to use…
    GOD’S BOUNTY WILL SOLVE OUR WORLD HUNGER…But until that happens I will need to survive…Mark, I realize my vision sounds a far- fetched but it is as real as real can get…
    I only need someone to believe in my visions too…
    Is that too much to ask? Let me know how I’m supposed to live without my means until this happens…
    Just have Steve contact me so we can move forward…

    Mark, I was just informed my youngest son is in the hospital…He was made a quadriplegic and is now fighting for his life.Why is this happening to my family right now… I’ve got to go to him to cheer him up…
    But can’t afford the cost of the flight..He became quadriplegic when his car overturned…He was rescued and revived from beyond the grave.But this guy is so precious and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH…
    I really need to be with him now Mark…
    He can’t answer phones or move around. because he’s paralyzed …
    Please help me save my son…Don’t want to lose him…I was really excited about my new future because of him…He’s the reason I desire wealth…

    What I need is to go to Seattle Washington right away…Remember what you said about children?
    Well, this is my son and I only have two kids…The other is there with him…

    Your Obedient Servant,
    Rob W. Henry


  101. Hello Mark,

    Along with my journey into your new life, I need to survive…Which means some monetary means to survive…Right now I only receive $1,130 each month for my disability which doesn’t give me enough capital to start my dream job…Then after it’s started then maybe I can step back and watch it grow…But I’m 64 years young which doesn’t leave me much time to enjoy any comforts from any venture I acquire along the way…I’ve been riding on my mother’s coat tails…Which is about to change due to her life is at risk…
    Wish I had a way to extend my mother’s life because she is so exciting to know…Going to have to move or make enough from my Vollara business to establish my home here…Which would be great…

    Yours truly,
    Robert Henry


  102. Dear Mark.
    My name is nahum sanchez.I’m one of the new member’s.I just have my first meeting a few days ago I have read two of the books and the third close to finish but I feel that I know that the world was full of dishonest politicians that only think on them self no matter the cost unfortunately the middle class and the lower income are the ones who are more affect it.and because it is he majority of population they think they have control.I like your 12 vision for the world where everyone including the poor is happy and have wealth.there for I’m here to thank you for doing what you do in bringing people to the secret meeting also wan it to say that I am ready to be where the action is how we can bring more and more people to their Friday night essence

  103. My phone number is 562-661-0564.

    Please get in touch with me to further this awesome plan to eradicate starvation, by our utilizing most of what man has already created…
    We will be able to alleviate most of the world’s needless suffering with this plan.
    But I need talented men to eliminate the unwanted starvation…
    Only waiting for a person to invest in these vision with me…
    Yours faithfully,

    Respectfully yours,
    Robert Henry
    [Do not put contact information on the public internet]


  104. Richard McFall says

    Thank you for neothink. It is a blessing in my life. I see you as a great political thinker, in the league with Thomas Jefferson, and the greats that influenced him. I believe that the TVP is what is needed for humankind to advance to a higher level, and free us from the Anti-civilization. I can see neothink curing laziness, but I wish to see greed and dishonesty cured.

    My FNE is twofold. The first is curing aging and death through advanced nutrition; Secondly is using my creative power to create new values for Humankind, and advancing my prosperity.. i have been hindered by not having the resources that I have been cheated out of. I am stalled by lack of the funds to develop my inventions. Any advise would be much appreciated.

    I hope to attend local congregation meetings local to West Virginia, which I see as fertile ground for neothink, and since I am single, I believe I would be greatly blessed by meeting a neothinking Woman to partner with. I have been ravenously devouring your insights, as It sems to be a path to achieving actualizing my essences.

    Much THANKS FOR YOUR INSIGHTS, and I pray you blessings and success in your endeavors. I appreciate your mentoring and hard work in creating a path to a better future.

    Your Humble and Grateful Apprentice

    Richard McFall

  105. Richard McFall says

    Mark, I am grateful. to have been chosen to join the society. I am absorbing the material as quickly as I can. It is my belief that you are a great thinker on or above the level of Thomas Jefferson. I am hoping to go to a meeting in person. I am in West Virginia, and hope to find a congregation nearby. My FNE is dual, I an inclined to discover life extending nutrition, both for myself and others. I will celebrate my 74th birthday this year. I also love to create new inventions, and have already created several. I have been hindered by not having the personal resources to develop these creative thoughts. I have suffered greatly because of the plethora of cheaters stealing from me. Hopefully life extending nutrition will enable me to realize a bunch of these creations. The SOS feels like my personal puzzle picture snapping into place. Since I am single, I an hoping to meet a neothinking woman. This would snap another piece of my puzzle into place. I hope to attend a local meeting, and meet like minded neo-gods. The world needs us and the TVP before the cheaters totally destroy the planet. I am greatly grateful and thankful. I pray for your success and immortality…


    Richard McFall

  106. richard shipler says

    thanks Mark i have all 4 books a mm 50% forbidden revelation i am 80 years young

  107. richard shipler says

    thanks Mark i have all 4 books am 50% forbidden revelation i am 80 years young i have a hard time not being able to everything right now but i will have time i figure i have another 40years.

  108. Michael Lanphere says

    I’m just commenting to let you know that I am interested in creating my own introduction video, and starting my own clubhouse.

    In level 4 we discussed more into that, also I have joined the tvp list going around right now in the weekly calls.
    I’m looking forward in pursuing my FNE as the mentor of other people helping them find there FNE’s, and becoming the person he, she was meant to be.

  109. Zachary Gill says

    Mr. Hamilton.
    My name us Zack gill. I too am an avid reader of your neothink manuscripts….. but I’ve recently fallen on hard times and I am currently unable to purchase more books at the moment…. that really depresses me also. Please don’t leave me behind if there’s a way we can work something out, please let me know.

  110. Farook HAMID says

    Hello Mark. Keep at it. I keep reading your dads work. Magic! but painful…………….

  111. Hi Mark
    Sorry I have not been able to respond as Aoril 1 Sat. night is our big fund raiser for all of the charities
    that we give funds to as I am co chairing this event and have been ill also but will be able to participate
    this next week and go forward with the items we have talked about before,i received two manuscripts and
    need to know when I need ti submit payment for $30 again. Also need to talk with some of the Neo Think
    people and also go to a meeting. Please have someone contact me.

  112. Hi Mark
    i seem to have trouble getting things to sink in probably due to the fact i want to learn faster than i am capable . i am excited to find all the ways i can help myself and family and others its what i have done most of my life, while it is rewording it is not profitable

    my reading and absorbing are slow but i never give up i have several thousand pages to study from. my disability keeps me from getting around as much as i like but i do my best. well better go fore now past bed time thanks REV.STEVEN DAVIS

  113. Joannie King says

    Hi Mark,
    I received your book Wealth, Health, and Peace on Earth, and I just wanted to say that the ” Prime-Law Amendment” does ” impassiones me.” I fully agree that it is the only way to go, and I was wondering, in your book it states to ” join others. Meet quality people to pursue this goal… ”
    How would I be able to pursue the goal of making the Prime – Law Amendment a reality, and meeting those individuals that can and will bring this wonderful vision to fruitation?
    Sincerely Joanie King

  114. I have read all of the comments and I am pleased that they are all happy to be a part of your
    Neothink Society. I am proud to be a part of it but need to learn much more and get involved
    more. Thanks for selecting me.

  115. Mark
    I just printed Twelve Visions Party Platform and some other information from your website and
    also some of the conferences that I was unable to get on. I have tried to get on phone and listen
    to as many as I can. I am headed to a board meeting for CWPP my chairty group. I also contacted
    John from AZ clubhouse and I will go there on Saturday to meet his group. I want to start a
    clubhouse also.
    Pauline – Arizona

  116. Hi Mark,

    Today I finally have the internet working after months of on again off again. I am studying information
    from my latest manuscript and my family have been in hospitals and now out, but working with my
    Charity and being a VP has kept me busy also. I am co chairman of our upcoming event to raise
    funds for children and we donate to about 6 charities each May. Our event is April 1. I could use some help from some of your people in getting up to date on club house and other meetings. I have been on
    all three telephone several times. Unable to be on all but want to know if I can listen at 8:00 if not
    at 6:00 Mountain Time and is this ok. I am still on the board of our organization and have been
    for many years as i with 3 other ladies started our organization 25 years ago and we are still
    working to raise funds for our charities. I will get on some of people pedia and some others
    Pauline / Arizona

  117. Thank you Mark
    I have a lot to learn but I am happy to be a part of the organization and want to contribute and help.
    I have not been able to get more involved but many of your thoughts and ideas are the same as
    mine. Pauline – Arizona

  118. Linda K. Poynter says

    Hi Mark,
    I am so ready to be in the Neothink Society, however I know that I have to get through these next view months of training before that can start. I will, however, tell you that I have had my Friday-Night Essence ever since the first book. I was so excited to start my Friday-Night Essence. But unfortunately the only thing that I could do was get my business cards. And maybe contact some people in my area. But that would not be a very good idea, because I have no money to start my business. It’s sad because even though we have not gotten any snow in our area, but in the north they have plenty of snow. But as I said I could not start my business as soon as I wanted. By the way my business name is LP Snow Removal & Remove.

  119. Charles keener says

    I am one of member and you send me the book and I love it

  120. Daisy Christie says

    I’m so very greatful for this opportunity to be in this group of like minded people…can’t. put into words the way I feel right now all I can say now is….Thank you much M Hamilton.

  121. Daisy Christie says

    Very great full for your email…when I read it I was filled with great joy .My ears opens up it felt like when you get off of an airplane an I was in can this really happen to me. Thanks Mark Hamilton I appreciate you and the enlightening calls I can listen to with your mentors…!!!!

  122. Anthony Renfro says

    Awesome Mark, Looking foreword to meeting everyone! Thank you so much from my heart that you have chosen me, and will give my best to all to all that is good. indeed!

  123. Linda Poynter says

    Linda Poynter says:
    I look forward to being part of the Neothink Society. I just finished the second book last Saturday night after work. Did you talk or got an email from Jill Reed? I called her to tell her that I wanted to start up my own clubhouse. I have a building that I am looking at for my Clubhouse and my business at the same time. Well that is all I have for now. Thank you for selecting me to be part of the Neothink Society.
    Sincerly Yours,
    Linda K. Poynter

  124. Linda Poynter says

    I am looking so forward to becoming part of the Secret Society. I finished the second book this last Saturday. I just got my letter about getting your next manuscript. I will be calling that in on Friday morning. Did you hear from Jill Reed about me wanting to start a Neothink Clubhouse? I have a building that I am looking at that I can hold the clubhouse in as well as my business that I want to start soon. Well that is all that I have for now. Also thank you for selecting me to part of the Neothink Society.

  125. Patrick Freeman says

    Mark Hamilton:
    1st. is it ok to refer to u as MH.
    2nd. when they suspended my acct, i lost all standing.
    3rd. I AM SO STUBERN. when i saw this, i felt like my
    stomach was being torn out.
    I love your work.
    I have the greatest respect for, Frank R Wallace, and U sir.

  126. Wesley meeks says

    Wesley junior Meeks:Mark I’m half way through the neothink book super puzzle I am suppose to be getting my 2nd heirloom book from my mentor I just found the website.. I’m not a member on the site but in mail… Wondering what i should do to receive my 2nd package I’ve paid for.. life’s so different now I’m cutting through all kinds of illusions in life everyday I feel as the world is fake that I live in… I’m trying to make sense of everything and I need some insight.. my family struggles everyday to court cases and my mother being sick… Iive gotta figure out how to gain insight and how to put something together super quick… I hope you can help me with this… Please email me or possibly have a talk with me.. I’m seeing through everything… Also I recently moved and know if my address has changed in time and wanna make sure I get my 2nd package… I don’t want it going to the wrong address can u email me? Sincerely Wesley Meeks…

  127. Joanie King says

    Forbidden Revelation
    Level- Two Essence Meeting introduction
    Hello Mark, the question ” Who is the person you were meant to be? ” The Neothink Society’s Forbidden Revelation Secret Teachings to My Exclusive Inner Circle Mark Hamilton p. 26
    When it comes to this question, I often wonder what my Friday Night Essence really is.
    A few times when I was a child, I wanted to work in a lab, but at later stages of my childhood, I wanted to be either a model, a police officer, or a nurse.
    After I got my G.E.D., I started college to go for my nursing degree. While in college, I took microbiology as a prerequisite for my nursing degree. I really feel in love with microbiology and all of the science classes, and wanted to change my major to microbiology.
    After college, I searched universities who had options for a degree in microbiology and I found a few. I started The University of Phoenix to get a degree in Biology of Environmental Science which has all of the prerequisites as microbiology.
    Once I get my degree in Biology of Environmental Science, I can get a job working in a lab which is an earlier childhood dream of mine.
    I often wonder if getting my degree, will lead me to my F.N.E.?
    So far, I have loved the classes that I have taken which is a good thing.
    The thing is, I have since then got my student loans paid off, and I swore that the only way that I would go back to school, would be if I could pay for my own education.
    I only have one more year to get my degree, but right now, I can not afford to finish my education as of yet! Sincerely yours Joannie King

  128. Thank you Mark. Just wanted to let you know. For all the great inspiration and motivation you give to all of us. You are a brilliant man with awesome ideas love it. YOUR THE BEST !!!!

  129. Dalton Clarke says

    Thanks mark Hamilton again I’m trying to get how to go to your ways in the right doors life isn’t good with my Wife and kids right now just draw it up for a weeks of family are going back on the road again please just getting back into see how much more we as a family can do anything to help with my Wife and kids right now just saying we are homeless at rock bottom at this time Neo-Tech as power us with Friday night Essence just waiting for the next few days to take care of what I’m going to get back on my feets again thank you mark Hamilton for me and my family to be apart of your NEOTHINK SKY IS THE LIMIT SIR for my family some way my family will be there on top right now it’s hard time tell my self u got the tools to do anything just went the time is right

  130. Hi Mark, I just reread chapter two of your book Forbidden Revelation, and I have a question. Unfortunately I miscarried three times, therefore, I don’t have any children of my own. Although I have a cat in which I saved her life and gave her a good life in which I feel good about. My question for you is since I don’t have any kids of my own, are there other ways that I can give value to others?
    Although when we become immortal I want to have a lot of kids!

  131. Hi Mark, I reread chapter one of Forbidden Revelation, and for me to have fun at work requires a change of attitude. There are times while working in the retail business, that I get overwhelmed, because of the demands of most of the management team there. The things that bother me the most, is that most of the managers do not support me the way they are supposed to. What pisses me off is the fact that I do the work from my heart. Which is saying that I do what is asked, and even if they don’t ask and I see it needs to be done, I do it anyway. Even though I do a lot for that company, I feel that I am not appreciated. This causes me to have to sit back for a moment, and take a look at the big picture. The associates however, are the complete opposite. When we see that one of our fellow associates is feeling overwhelmed, we stop what we are doing, to give that person the complete attention that he/she needs. A few days ago, after reading your book Forbidden Revelation I felt lost, because I had forgotten how to have fun at work. With that being said, I had to figure out a way to ignore the bull shit around me and find a way to have fun. I know that there will be times when I will not be happy, but I had to look for little things to make me happy. Once I figured out a way to keep myself happy, I was able to have fun. My question to you is, are there better ways to have fun at work, or have I missed the boat? Thank you for being there and for listening to me. I do hope that everyone is healthy and happy where you are. I also hope that you and your family are doing great too. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! Joannie

  132. Hi Mark, I really do hope that this post finds you and your family doing well. The reason for this message, is because first of all, I want to thank you for believing in me. Second, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to go to the nearest clubhouse, so I can meet and become close to my fellow Neothink Society members. I was told that I would receive a letter with all of the Clubhouse addresses in the whole United States of America on it. I have not received this letter, therefore, I am not able to go to the Clubhouse. If you can send that to me, that would be absolutely wonderful!!!
    I really do want to meet everyone, in fact, I really need this so I can become stronger as a Neothink Member. [Moderator: Do NOT post your address or any personal information on the public interent.]
    Sincerely yours Joannie King

  133. JOHN LOCKWOOD says

    Your inner circle book is grate thanks no car as if yet walking helthyer iv lawst wate 28lbs thangs slow but moveing hooeing the seapstakes win so could get the club houes up and tuning vairy soon your a bless

    Blessings douper thanks

  134. Herald Allen says

    Thank you Mark for this rare opportunity to excel I am so keen on this that sometimes I feel like i am actually living the life. I feel like I am taking others along the magnificent journey. I have two ideas. One
    One is to buy, fix, and resell homes – for this I have already formed the corporation and put part of the team
    to do this. I came to a stop when The funds became unavailable. If I could get members’ assistance on a profit-sharing basis would be so cool. The other is to set up a public transportation system in Jamaica, my country of origin. This would involve a medium size bus (maybe 30-40 seater) travelling between Montego Bay, the western end to and from Kingston about three days weekly. Would want to do this on the northcoast at first to increase it to the southcoast and between Kingston and Port Antonia, the east coast eventually. Awaiting your response. Thanks

  135. Sean Bobeck says

    I am honored to have been chosen, Mark I thank you for seeing my potential!!

  136. Carissa Lewis says

    Thank you Mr. Hamilton for choosing me to become a memeber of the Neothink society.

  137. Neal Foster says

    Hi Mark, COOL shades in the above picture! (just “playing”).

  138. Martin Fosdick says

    I want to thank you for this opportunity but I’m not sure what you saw in me to give me this shot at making my life better but all same I really do appreciate it, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  139. Beverly Woodruff says

    Thank you Mark, From the bottom of my heart. I am so excited to the point where I think I missed a lot of things by not going to the bottom of the page. Also I had some problems with my computer, plus I think I am a bit overwhelmed. But I have confidence I will be fine and yes I can’t wait to live my Friday night essence , Yes I want in on the ground floor. I’ve gotten a little bit of a late start but I’ll catch up. I am so very grateful for your choosing me to be a part of NeoThink I truly am in awe! I prey that I live up to your expectations and my own. Looking forward to our journey

  140. Sindy Jimenez says

    THANK YOU so much for selecting me to be a part of this Neothink Society. I hope you are getting the e mails that I sent to you, as they had some Valuable insights in them. I spent a few minutes some months ago, after hearing about Powerthinking, and the next day one of the richest person’s on earth donated many billions of dollars to finding cure for Cancer!! WOW, I have always had it in me, but need you to help me develop it. THANKS, for understanding when no one else does. I really want to be integrated, successful, and developing Values for others. I have seen 3 towers in New York, NY…. wow, I wonder when this will take place? These are eventually standing for the (3) Keys …. like 3 standing towers…. will like to have these type of towers all over the world in the biggest cities, like Little Rock, Arkansas where the United State Capital is standing….. or something like that…. NEVER STOP THINKING BIG…

  141. Eligio Ventura says

    I will thank you Mark Hamilton, for make me joined the neothink society.

  142. Fernando Pena says

    The Neothink Society.
    Thank You For Selecting Me To Be Part Of SomeThing
    Big. The Neothink Society.
    Thank You

    From:Los Angeles CA 90061

  143. Mitch Williams says

    Hello Mark Hamilton I am very greatful to you for allowing me to be a part of the Neothink Society. All of the heirlooms that I have been reading have been mind opening and very interesting. I still have a great deal of reading and learning to do everyday. And I hope to meet you and other members some day soon. Thank you again. Sincerely, Mitch williams

  144. Thomas Davidson says

    Dear Mark,
    I feel honored and privileged to be part of this select group of such an important cause. When i started reading Dr. Wallace and your manuscript it completely changed my way of thinking about so many things. I want to truly thank you for this. It has changed my life for the good and I thank you for it.
    I have been through many things in my life and I knew there was a reason I’m still here and I believe this is one big reason and I’m so proud to be part of this revolution. This is going to be exciting!!!
    I’m so looking forward to meeting you and all the other members.
    Again, thank you for allowing me to be involved in this and I am honored to be by your side.
    GO TVP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Very deep insights in outer and inside life in your teachings, indeed I guess ! Very clever! My main first question : what is the link between Neothink and the Illuminati , because I received an invitation to Neothink through a message from the Illuminatiam website, in the way to order your ” Super Puzzle” book I started to read with some great interest. Best regards, Xavier

  146. Kalem Longo says

    Mark Hamilton HAS got to be 1 OF THE the most patient, understanding man I have EVER had in my life! Thank you kindly for your NON-JUDGEMENTAL nature as well as all the blessings, 10 second miracles I have witnessed thus far. I am much more aware than I have ever been in my entire life and YES! I have witnessed SO many miracles, MOST importantly Mr. Hamilton has helped me realize….
    The True Miracle in MYSELF!
    Gratefully Yours!

  147. Celina Grisales says

    Hi Mark:

    This is just a short note to express you my gratitude and admiration. There is in this difficult and overwhelming world, an integral unique person who really try hard to replicate himself. Who teaches with no borders of any kind and with the special quality of talking to the soul of everyone you invite to the Neothink Society. As you know, I had been reading your literature since late 2007 and every word you write is not only crystalline but profound, sincere and wise. Your Neocheating Neotech Neothink book is a precious and enriching collection of books from which, with all the previous read, I expect to finally start something beneficial not only to me but also to my family, the society and the humanity as a whole; and I hope someday you will feel proud of your realization in my difficult life. I don’t want to disappoint you. I still have to break many barriers but I am devoted to your teachings and fellow members activities, and certainly I will escalate the high mountain with all my things that I am determined to develop. Thanks again.
    Again, with gratitud and love,

  148. Dawn Morphew says

    Thank you greatly Mark, I have recently had a vision I have told a couple of friends about it, and they are concerned as i am, before this all i seen was a knew part to my success puzzle,witch i created over time,trying to get it exactly perfect as i fore seen,I am not sure if it was a vision or a dream how can you tell the differance between the two,several events led up to it as would a dream thank you greatly for your time

  149. Louise Gerstenberg says

    I am still locked in even if I am on a page of 2011. I think all of the program are turnkey? What I wanted to tell
    you is about unlocking the immortality gene. I have the report the but it is to big to type it all out. But
    they are making the telomrase to take today. So maybe you can grow the telomeres that protects the DNA
    and wait for the full treatment for a 25 year turn back not to long from now. But it isto much to write in a comment. I get all the alerts first because of belonging to Money Map Press. We invest in developing
    Company’s. They have a lot more cures a done. I know you are interested in the disease of death. I emailed you ones with the info but I do not know it you received it or not. I can keep you posted if you tell me where to send it..Great to be with your organization I have been living that way for a long time. Do you have any senior citizen in your think tank? Louise 05/08/2016

  150. Good evening Mr. Hamilton,
    I thank you for chosen me to be apart of this wonderful New World we will share together from now on. I am so sorry not being apart of Last night’s grand opening! I know you are celebrating one of your grandest moments. I was toasting to you as well. What an experience of a life time work that you have been able to create, expanding from Mr. Wallace remarkable debt prospective of how we should be living and not by force or control. By being here seeing it working, its like looking in the mirror with astounding awh!. I know your family is so proud of you, so do we. What an accomplishment rewriting History as it should be. I know our Heavenly father is saying my son! He is consistant. Smile!

    I have never owned a book this large before. “The Prime Cure” can’t wait to sink my teeth and eyes within it. I started reading it, couldn’t put it down. Well, I didn’t really had it in my hands, I would have ended up in the Hospital for straining my arms. Actually I’ve been busy trying to find new employment, I have out grown my present job and it’s duties. Frankly, I’ve been there along time now. I just can’t limit myself or my thinking any more. Thanks for seeing greater things in me which I haven’t even quit know I have. Your letters you sent along with our books always picked me up, my energy would flurried up as if the sun just came out. I would be stressing but you always makes me calm down and be patient awhile longer, can’t wait to see the great transformation yet to come.
    I appreciate you for being my Mentor!

  151. Ruth Smith says

    Hello Mark, first thank you for seeing the potential and the vision you see in me. I feel honored to be invited into a Society such as this that is so rewarding to all. I am very interested in the business aspect there.I have Incredible ideas that is very beneficial to all.

  152. Ronald Hawkins says

    Looking to partner with a knowledgeable (mentor) to begin something in the RI area. I see we currently have no clubhouse or Twelve Visions affiliates. Thank you, Sir.. R.Hawkins – RI

  153. Hi my name is Soana T. and i wanna Thank you so much Mark Hamilton for selecting me to be part of the Neothink Society i just received my book FORBIDDEN REVELATION and my question is im still confused about my Friday Essence

  154. Hi my name is Soana Tamoua and I thank you so much Mark Hamilton for selecting me to be a part of the Neothink Society , i just received the book FORBIDDEN REVELATION and i don’t know if this is where i post my first question ! sorry

  155. Michael Reierson says

    I had a ten second miracle and I saw powerful energy pulsing from every corner of the world. Our powerful Neothink family had driven the anticivilization out of existence completely. After the primary leap to power when the prime law took effect in America, The hidden power and potential of our C of U was manifested exponentially and incredibly rapid progress was made very rapidly. The other countries of the world having their SOS clubhouses used our progress in America as a springboard to create a surge of powerful excitement all over the world. They demanded a Prime Law Government and the entire world flourished like its never flourished before in every aspect of life. There were no more plagues. No starvation, no thirst, the death rate decreased significantly, and everyone was living a thrilling life as we surged forward to a universitarian utopia!

  156. Michael Reierson says

    Dear Mark,

    Over the past several months, my perspective on not only life but also my mentality has changed drastically. I now see to the essence of things, to their true values. I understand my core belief is to build powerful and incredible values not only for my fellow neothink family but also for the world. Monetary values are a welcome addition but the true value in life, the true passion and joy in life resides in the overwhelming ecstatic joy and passion surging through the very core of my being from creating incredible values! Thank you very much for being not only a mentor but also a good friend. Our journey together has been one of precious and cherished value and intrigue! I look forward to inspiring great values in both our Neothink family and the future C of U members! A brilliant new world awaits us and I look forward to creating cherished values each and every step of the way! I admire your hard work and dedication and truly appreciate your patience. You’re one of the best mentors anybody could ever hope to learn from!

  157. Frank Bicking says

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for selecting me to become a member of the Neothink Society. I believe wholeheartedly that this will become one of the most important decisions in my life. I’m looking forward to interchange between me and other members.

  158. Steven Chavez says

    Thank You for being my mentor…
    Steven Chavez

  159. Al Mathieu says:
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for selecting me to be part of the Neothink Society.I never dreamed that I could be part of something so great,I truely hope with your mentoring,that I to can be a value producer to help myself and many others.

  160. Gary Morris says

    Mark, first off i would like to thank you for the invite to be a part of the Neothink Society. It has reopened somethings not for gotten but not thought of for some time. in the early 1980s i was invited to read NeoTech Discovery, i still have the three manuscripts i purchased. It changed my life in many different ways. in adding your Neothink heirloom, not only have they reopened but made me realize its been very much my life. {automatic, with out thinking it }. i have never voted , as i do not be-leave in gov. bureaucrats etc. I do see some amazing things coming from T.V.P. I know we are heading for a very bad time . I do think its time to change the mentality of today’s population. Its time to come to the light.. { open your eyes, use your OWN Thinking Mind }. Very powerful thing..

  161. Joann King says

    Hi Mark,
    This is the third straight day that I have “delve into” your book “Forbidden Revelation”. In just three days, this book has already became very valuable to me. Since I have integrated “playing at work” in my daily life, I feel that I can conquer the world. Since I have taken time out of my busy schedule, to read your book, my life in general has became wonderful. I just wanted to say that I read “Level-One Essence Meeting Part Two”, and I wanted to say that I am of course a female, which has no children (except for my cat) and no husband (my husband was very abusive so I left him and I am glad that I did). My question is what role do I have in “PLAY” since I have no one to keep me young? I am just curious as to what role I play in my daily life. If some one can email me an answer, I would be eternally grateful. I have another question, do you really think that we can become immortal as to not experiencing death? Thanks for everything Joanie

  162. Joann King says

    Hi Mark,
    this is Joann “Joanie” I just want to let you know first that when I was a child, I thought that I would live forever. Today at work, I laughed so hard all day long about certain things that happened there. Since yesterday, my life at work has improved so much. I will incorporate laughter at work to make things better not just for myself, but for others. Let me just say this, that this morning when I got up out of bed, I could not get to work fast enough. It was as though, I couldn’t wait to get there. I went in to work, with an attitude of happiness to be there and “play” as you state in your book. With that attitude, I really had an awesome day. I read “Level-One Essence Meeting Part One” from your book, and you are right when you say that we feel guilt from watching movies that has a “villain”. When we as adults feel “guilt”, whether it be from something as simple as watching a movie, to something that has life changing implications that we are responsible for, it is hard to release that guilt. There by our lives go upside down most of the time.

  163. Joann King says

    Hi Mark, I am new to this. First, I want to say thank you so much for choosing me to be in your exclusive and successful group. Second, I want to say that I read “Level-One Essence Meeting Part One”, and I also want to say that I try to wake up with that type of attitude every single day. The managers that I work for, do not appreciate me for who I am, and there are individuals who come in to work with bad attitudes who want to make my life miserable. I try not to let them get the best of me, but sometimes it is really hard. In fact, I used to wake up not wanting to go to work, but now I am in an attitude of gratitude mode, and I appreciate the job. The way I look at it is I could work for a worse company, and Walmart does have the ability to get vacations and the company has great benefits. Therefore, I am really happy. From now on, I will wake up happy and in a playful mood and will be in the playful mode.

  164. Mr.Hamilton

    I appreciate you choose I and I wanted to thank you for the oppertunity to be given to bring up my talents I have few that I know of . I’m sure ill find out as I go along this opertunity to build the talients I have yet to open up and see those I thought I never had

    Warren hopper

  165. Wilfred Ngugi says

    Hi Mark,

    In a million years, I never thought I would one day stumble on a website that would allow me communicate to you as I am doing now.

    To be honest I bought your first book The Book God/Man Neo-Tech Discovery in year 2000 but because of the magnitude of mysticism that was in my brains, shelved it when I read the tittle of the first chapter, “You Will Become the God-Man.”

    Four years down the line, I completed a degree program in which I was taught how to critique well the literature after reading. With these skills, I pulled the huge book from the bookcase, wiped the accumulated dust and started reading. Themes started flowing; I started integrating reality with honesty and Neo-think started mapping itself in my mind. I learnt that mind is an integrating but not a creating device. I completed reading and re-reading until I bought another one still authored by you, “The Neo-Tech World,” which had similar themes and visions.

    Later on I bought the Neo-Tech Cosmic Business Control, Book One and two and I read them. However, I have never been able to realise my dreams and enjoy the person I was meant to be. I still believe that I will make millions for me and others just like those value producers who may have done it, but this time round I need your help by holding my arm and leading me the way if that would be okay with you. I live in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

    When will the Neo-Tech Schools start?

  166. Hi Mr. Hamilton,
    Vaughn and I want to express my thoughts about the secret. I have not looked forward, for a long time now and I have realized just how much I miss…. thinking and having things become true.

    I look forward to the experience and provocative talks and learning form others, I have often know that there is a lot more to birth, life and death.

    One more item, I had to replace my password and now thanks to an update from Microsoft I can’t find the one you folks set as a replacement to sign in. /can you assist me with this problem.

    Thanks in advance.


    Vaughn C.
    [Moderator: Do not put your email address on the internet]

  167. Uwe Hussong says

    Mr Mark Hamilton, thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a member of the NEOTHINK society. I’ve always been treated as “the black sheep of the family” at home and have always seen life from a different angle than most people. It’s great to be with “like minded people for a change”. I can see a terrific future ahead of me with all the new things I’ll read and be taught. So far I’ve been on a few calls and they’re terrific at reinforcing what I’ve learned so far. Your father was a very intense individual and as i’ve read he was not a quitter! You yourself seem to be a dynamic person who honestly wants people to live longer and get everything out of life that is there to get without missing a step.Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this remarkable journey I’ll be on. Health, wealth, and prosperity for you and yours Mr Hamilton

  168. James Ringer says

    I really enjoyed your first manuscript it was great reading i could hardly put it down. Currently still working on #2 and #3 there is a lot of material to absorb. is 3 manuscripts all there is or is there still more coming down the line for new members like myself? thank you for letting me make it into your select few of invites .

  169. Jennifer McDonald says

    Hello Mark. I was told that I have special talent by someone in the secret society. And you know that they are so right. I’ve notice strange things about me and it happen on and off ever since I was young. I can see things before it happen, dream sometime come true, have a heat like electricity in my left hands and at time touch simple things and get shock like my hand is on fire in the center of my palm about the size of a quarter burns very much. I was told many years ago that I was going to get a gift of healing. At times, I can talk to people and tell what they are thinking. Please help me how to bring these talents to the surface of my life.

  170. October 10.2515 dear Mark Hamilton you talked about a new world, like it not off this world, if I diten’t know anny better, wood you be talking about another galaxicy,? I don’t like making blind decision I like to always know where I am goining at all times why, I always plains every thing, ?so is this fiction or faction, because when I speak or talked it is with reaility in mind Rickey Johnson.

  171. Dear Mark,
    I enjoyed the first manuscript with Annabelle and really empathized with her and how society is corrupted, how people are made to be worker bees with no brain of their own. I skipped the second read but the third manuscript on the mini days and power thinking was tremendous. I have implemented it well and have written a short book loaded with info in a day and then the next with revisions. It is published in three days and mini days were the key. I am a composer and all my new equipment requires the mini days to organize my work flow. MIne change weekly. Now I am in the 5th manuscript Teachings and finding early on it is interesting and deep. 4000 pages is a lot to read but I am working at it. All is most helpful. Thanks, Mike

  172. Rickey Johnson; October 16 20, 15 Dear Mark I thank you are a grate writer, but I wonted to think you for asked me to make fhis jorney to throw a roap on success, I know iam late coming out off the gate, but I will try my very best to keechup. Rickey Johnson.

  173. Bonjour Mark Hamilton,

    j’ai bien reçu a ce jour “la révélation interdite”,que je vous ai commandé. J’ai commencer a lire la premiére
    partie.Je suis très honorés de faire partie de la Société Neothink. J’espère que puisque le miracle de 10 secondes est dans le fascicule va m’aider a remonter la pente , car en ce moment les fins de mois sont difficile . je ne travaille pas je suis en invalidité catégorie 2.mon mari travail comme un ding et mon 2éme fils toujours en ccd aucun avenir pour les jeunes. je vais jouer !!! car je croix en cette Société . Merci encore !!! comment faire pour vous contacte ? je peux par Email ! car ce matin j’ai eu des difficulté sur le site-Web


  174. BRYAN FOSTER says

    I would like to say thank you Mark for choosing me in the club eye can’t wait too see what is to com.

  175. john kornelsen says

    thank you I was born to be a winner but from very early in my life people could not accept my way of thinking but now I see I was thinking the right way just need a lot of help thanks again

  176. Rickey Johnson, September 28,4;34 pm Thank Mark Hamilton for thinking about me for this jorney I hope I see you and meat you ,I were toled that A jorney started with the first stelp.

  177. Annik Couppez says

    Thanks for selecting me to a new member but sorry mij english is to bad for continue. So sorry.

  178. Jennifer McDonald says

    Thanks Mark Hamilton for selecting me. You said getting this book will change my life? I got it yesterday and I’m anxious to know the secret to be a winner in any game. I’m of middle age and would like to know how it would happen for me? Thank you.

  179. Steven Foerster says

    Mark ,
    Be Excellent . Thank you for lighting the path for me. I sincerely hope I can live up to your expectations and my own. If I am able to bring even one of the 12 Visions to fruition, so that you can see your Visions come to pass and benefit the world as you envisioned, I will do so. An abundance of TSMs have begun to build. If any single individual can realize and appreciate your hope, dreams and passions towards humanity ,I am that individual.
    My hardest hurdle and biggest learning experience has been in my assuming the responsibility for others whom should be taking their own self-responsibility. As a mentor it is my responsibility to stimulate individuals until they can be receptive to learning, then impassion them in directing their focus and attention towards those areas that are most receptive to , so that they in turn can in turn pass it forward.
    When I am applying with sharp focus myself , after having been introduced to Saturation of much of your material ( yours and Dr. Wallace’s), I cannot help but to see clearly and recognize that my FNE’s include assuring that ALL Twelve of these Visions do come to pass, and in your life time. Hopefully also in the least possible amount of time, without sacrificing any of their integrity.
    Everybody’s life carries experiences and individual skills and abilities unique, which I refer to as individuality with purpose. . I hope that mine prospers the world , bring me prosperity , a rich rewarding and Psychuous nature (romantic love) , great health, and is enriched with the friendships of a great abundance of excellent individuals with purpose at least as strong and full of passionate desire to make the necessary changes to pass.
    As a mentor and organizer /coordinator of California Clubhouses in Los Angeles , I have no shortage of idea projections to grow Left Coast into a truly Competitive force to complement the growth potential , national awareness and the enrichment of life benefits for all Society of Secrets (et al) members exponentially which producing and creating Credible Values which will exponentially grow, once set in motion.
    Thank you for your patience . Now able to recognize ( for good or bad) neo-cheaters and all their faces and seats of powerful positions , where they dictate , through very unbalanced scales injustice with near full immunity and impunity , I am thoroughly disgusted. (even more than I was before) .
    Having been a victim on many different occasions , I recognize them at least usually in sufficient advance notice to mitigate the brunt of the damage which they have the capacity to wield with intent.
    The criminal nature (the ruling class) displayed while projecting disproportional illusions of criminality through inappropriate embellishments, to redirect the view from their actions , that even minor infractions be represented as if they were acts of America’s Most wanted . I am not advocating that the guilty should be excused from responsibility , only that the punishment be proportional to the crime and that if initiatory force is used to gain power and through doing so a criminal or civil act is enacted , they too should be held responsible , proportionally.
    To bastardize an individual solely because they have the power to do so, does not make it any less offensive to do so.
    QUESTION : if THERE ARE ANY NEOTHINKING LAWFIRMS in Los Angeles CA area ,I would appreciate being notified with utmost expedience that in a timely manner a wrong may be righted. Not to evade responsibility. I would not abdicate an abuse of our power inappropriately or request it.

    Please excuse the tangential ending. It was not planned. Sincerely,

  180. I am in both worlds. In the Old World… we should move on the 2016 Presidential Race to stabilize it. ~iamken

  181. Michael Smith says

    Mr. Hamilton, I, like many others would like to “Thank Yiou” for choosing me to become a member of a league destined for prosperity. But, time is of the essence and it is “URENT” I talk to you directly via U.S. Postal Service. Waiting patiently your reply. Thank You.


    Michael Smith
    Los Angeles, Ca. 90054

  182. Kelly OBrien says

    Thank you. I am so overwhelmed with the information right now I just hope I can keep up with all this information right now.

  183. Sandra Kirkwood says

    Thank you Mark for selecting me for Neothink. I have been looking for this for years! I am not really computer savy but that is being worked on too. Looking forward to meeting you!

  184. Dear mark hamilton if I understand the litture, playing as an adult is whened you created value for the public’s , it also take you back to the child off the pass, Rickey Johnson.

  185. Goodafternoone Mr Hamilton, I am very please that you saw fit to choose me for waywert joiner , althou this is my first time with the computer I am lairning as I go alone I am still looking toured for my fridenight Essex plus my first teen second miracle. Rickey the Black stallion!

  186. lollia jean pierre says

    Bonjour Mark Hamilton je viens de recevoir la revelation interdite je suis a la premiere partie et je n’ai pas encore vue de difference j’espere que ca marchera parce que j’ai vraiment besoin d’aide. En esperant que vous me donner les bon conseils ,j’attents avec impatience de vos nouvels.


    EUSEBIO N° 1634526

    Dear to me, Mark Hamilton Dear Friends,
    It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to me to announce that I managed a very happy event of the Miracles TEN seconds. My heart jumped for joy when I heard the news I look also aware of the huge responsibility that entails. It is true that the new situation will require to come to me homework. It is a new and very difficult task. But it is also so exciting, so full of challenge. I aware of the many joys of Miracles TEN Seconds will bring us and, dare I already express, it will be a comfort in your old age. I would indeed then played my human role, that of transmitting its many values. Dear Marc Hamilton Me My Dear Friends, I see and I am convinced that the current changes in our society will amplify to carry out this important task of a human being. Now toast the happiness that comes close. Let’s do it with pleasure.

    EUSEBIO N° 1634526


    EUSEBIO N°1634526
    Me cher , Mark Hamilton Mes chers Amis,
    C’est avec une immense joie que je profite de l’occasion qui m’est offerte, pour vous annoncer que je réussi un très heureux événement le Miracles des DIX Secondes.
    Mon cœur a bondi de joie lorsque que je appris cette nouvelle impatiemment je aussi conscience de l’immense responsabilité que cela entraîne.
    Il est vrai que la situation nouvelle à venir va exiger pour moi des devoirs. C’est donc une nouvelle tâche très difficile . Mais il est également tellement exaltant, tellement riche d’enjeu. je conscience des nombreuses joies que les Miracles des DIX Secondes va nous apporter et, oserais-je déjà l’exprimer, il sera un réconfort dans votre vieillesse. j’aurait en effet joué alors mon rôle d’humain, celui de transmettre ses nombreuses valeurs.
    Me Cher Marc Hamilton Mes Chers Amis, Je constate et je suis convaincu, que les changements actuels dans notre société vont s’amplifier pour mener à bien cette tâche si importante d’un être humain.
    Trinquons maintenant à ce bonheur qui se rapproche. Faisons-le avec plaisir.
    EUSEBIO N°1634526

  189. Curt Jacques says

    Bonsoir Cher Mark HAMILTON,
    Depuis toutes ces années, je commence à comprendre et je suis très heureux de faire parti de votre choix sur ma personne pour être un digne représentant de NEOTHINK. Je suis impatient de rencontrer d’autres membres et depuis mes premières lectures, j’ai tout se suite adhéré et j’ai modifié immédiatement ma façon de penser, de réfléchir et j’ai aussitôt eu l’envie de faire connaître sans en dévoiler l’origine ce sue j’avais découvert. Depuis 30 ans peut-être, et plus certainement je me suis acharné à faire comprendre à mon entourage ou amis ou connaissances que l’on pouvait changer ce monde mais j’ai toujours été pris pour un ”illuminé” et c’est pourquoi je suis très attaché à poursuivre avec vous et votre aide dans notre avancé sur notre monde NEOTHINK. Je vais de ce pas rejoindre par mon abonnement votre club et je vous en remercie encore. Je serai un ami fidèle et je suis ému et enthousiaste depuis l’arrivée de mon livre et je pense que quelque chose se produit en moi…A plus et merci encore de votre confiance. Bien amicalement,Jacques.

    Google Translation:

    Good evening Dear Mark HAMILTON
    For all these years, I begin to understand and I am very happy to be part of your choice on my person to be a worthy representative of NEOTHINK. I am eager to meet other members and since my first readings, after everything I’ve joined and I immediately changed my way of thinking, think, and I immediately had the urge to communicate without revealing Originally it sweats I had discovered. For 30 years perhaps, and certainly I am hard to impress me with my surroundings or friends or acquaintances that could change the world but I have always been taken for a ” enlightened ” and it is Therefore I am very attached to continuing with you and your help in our advanced NEOTHINK on our world. I will go and join your club by my membership and I thank you again. I will be a faithful friend and I am moved and excited for the arrival of my book and I think what
    that something happens in me … See you and thank you again for your confidence. Sincerely, Jacques.

  190. Nestor Conda says

    My very special thanks to you Mark for giving me the chance and opportunity to be associated with your Neothink Secret Society. Being selected as an active member is greatly appreciated.

    My very special thanks to you Mark for the chance and opportunity of being associated with the Neothink Society. Being selected as an active member is greatly appreciated. Reading those three Neothink manuscripts (Inside Secrets, Inner Circle Secrets and Superpuzzles) have given me a new insight in life despite the fact that I am having trouble comprehending the true meaning and application of FNE, value creation, etc. At this time I am on the Forbidden Revelation manuscript, Level 2 and trying to learn and understand the two powerful secrets of value creation—FNE and 10 second miracles. I am anxiously waiting to experience how a Neothink secret meeting really works. Thank you once again for the mentoring and hoping to meet you in person someday.

  191. Curt Jacques says

    Bonjour Cher Mark Hamilton,
    J’ai bien reçu et je vous remercie La Révélation interdite. Je possède plusieurs ouvrages mais je ne reconnais pas les titres ”Première Vision” dont vous parlé. S’agit-il d’un autre titre reçu qui corresponde?
    En tout cas depuis les premiers ouvrages reçus il y a maintenant quelques années, je suis en constante recherche pour les buts fixés. Je reconnais que je ne suis pas arrivé encore à ces buts, mais je me suis rendu compte que je n’appliquais pas ”la méthode” avec la constance demandée. Je reprends donc en particulier ”Vos désirs sont des ordres” qui me donne en le relisant la conviction profonde de la réussite.J’ai 67 ans, après une retraite de 3 ans, j’ai repris une activité et je possède un moral et une énergie surprenante pour mon âge.J’ai surmonté un cancer en 2011 et suis en bonne santé.A la lecture de vos ouvrages, je suis en attente de rencontrer des membres en direct et je souhaiterai devenir un relais de Néothink en France et pourquoi pas en Europe. J’espère que vous m’aiderez à atteindre les sommets en m’introduisant dans les Clubs.
    Je suis excité de pouvoir dialoguer avec vous, je vous remercie de votre écoute et je souhaite devenir un membre de haut niveau. Depuis le premier ouvrage de DR Wallace reçu, je suis dans une autre dimension.
    Bien des choses encore à vous dire, mais pour un premier contact, je ne veux pas prendre tout votre temps et souhaite que ce soit le début d’une collaboration efficace et heureuse.
    Bien cordialement, JACQUES CURT.

  192. Patricia Hungerbühler says

    Herrn Hamilton` 17.Juli 2015
    Vielen Dank dass ich von Ihnen lernen darf.
    Ich habe das buch.Die 12 Visionen nicht und bei uns gibt’s das buch nicht in deutsch.
    Kann ich das buch bei Ihnen bestellen?
    Nochmals vielen Dank.

  193. Roy McCarroll says

    I am a retired architect and have been a neothinker most of my professional life. I would have loved to have used your techniques in my own business in the 70’s & 80’s until the real estate crash in Texas in the late 80’s. I think nothing would have helped then. So I reeducated my self to be a real estate appraiser. I traveled over most of the U.S. and enjoyed the appraisal aspect very much for 3 years. I wanted back into architecture and since the market had recovered I found a position in a hotel retrofitting firm for 2 years. Almost perfect for me since I had a lot of freedom and experience and traveled again over most of the U.S. However, the owner was not a visionary nor well organized. I then became employed by an architect/engineering firm out of New York and became the chief field architect for DART in Dallas. I retired in 2004 (too early) and now I am bored.

  194. Tyler Morgan says

    Inspiration. It is all I feel from every thing I read that has anything to do with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society. I will do everything in my power to become the most active and trusted member in the Neothink society. I am hungry, poor, young and ambitious. I am godly man but always been a visionary. I have been fortunate enough to run into a man that is a member, his name I will not mention because he had let me read a few pages of each book although it clearly states not to share with anyone. It was a blessing and I know for a fact I am supposed to meet you Mark. I know for a fact this is the path i am supposed to take. I’m not in search of money and power. I am simply a seeker of knowledge. But money and power just so happens to come after the knowledge and love of the craft. I am a libra and I have ALWAYS been creative. I’ve realized everything around me is created and the leaders of the world are creators. Simple? Yes. But to me it was one of the most important realizations of my life. I know I’m here to make some huge changes in this world for the betterment of people and every action after I enter Neothink will be for that purpose. Mark, I’m not some crazy dreamer who did this out of random for no reason. I am supposed to meet you and I believe after I do things are really going to start to change. But first things first, knowledge. I need the knowledge I have only ready three pages of each book. I want to see this “big picture” and “the twelve visions.” I’m a 19 year old man (yes, man) from Hartselle, Alabama. No parents. No mentors and the knowledge from these books I believe I will use to the highest caliber of excellence and betterment of the American people. I will make changes with or without this society but Mark if you’re reading this please sir do everything in your power to meet me I’m not hard to find. Thank you for your time.

  195. YVES BONTEMPS says

    Bonjour Mark MON MENTOR,

    Je viens de recevoir le livre “Révélation interdite”. Je vois que vous êtes un nouveau penseur. Je veux avec votre aide avancer sur ce chantier du néothink. J’ai un petit souci avec mon anglais qui est nul. Je vais y remédier mais pour l’instant comment opérez-vous avec les frenches?

    qu’entendez-vous avec les colis patrimoniaux 1-2-3, je suis censé les avoir mais c’est la première fois j’entends ces mots. Et aussi quelles sont les premières et secpndes visions,Merci de me répondre

  196. stellah kilasile says

    Thanks for choosing me as a member of the club. I am so excited to be amongst you. However I would prefer to receive correspondence from you through email. I just can’t wait to see you in person. Because through seeing you I am certain it would bring a dramatic to my life. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon

  197. Sarah Jane Clark says

    Greetings Mark:
    Thank you and The Neothink Society for choosing me. I found your book to be an eye opener, new life, light at the end of my tunnel, and a way out of no way. I believe in giving my all in order to yield the very best this Society have to offer me. I am ready to get started. Let’s do this!

  198. Irene Grebski says

    Many thanks Mr. Hamilton for selecting me to join the Neothink Society. I am excited and really look forward to meet you and other members.

    However, right now I am having a problem trying to fill in my username and getting a password. Will I be receiving this information via email? I am assuming that my username will be my real name.

    Your letter of July 4th mentions that I will be meeting you all in person after attending the first meeting. I am a bit confused … where will I be attending the first meeting?

    Thank you, Irene G.

  199. lariotte andre says

    bonjour mark HAMILTON,je suis encore trés heureux et surpris d’avoir été choisi car je ne vois toujours pas pourquoi?je ne suis pas un grand lecteur mais votre livre me passionne,surtout la possibilité de vivre eternellement et vaincre la mort ,une perspective merveilleuse!!! En debut de chaque chapitre il est mentioné aujoud’hui la réunion…..Est-ce a dire que l’on doit lire un chapitre ou plus par jour??

  200. bonjour mark , j’ai bien compris que le miracle de 10 secondes est de réfléchir par la réflexion intégrée , soit de réfléchir autrement en programmant son cerveau à pensé et réflèchir en 10 secondes . merci mark de me confirmé si j’ai bien le secret de 10 secondes?

    cordialement, dominique

  201. lariotte andre says

    bonjour mark HAMILTON,je viens de lire la réunion de l’essence Niveau Un deuxieme partie,et je me demande si le faite de ne pas avoir d’enfants est frein dans l’evolution de mon parcour aux sein de votre societé NEOTHINK?Car a mon age je ne pourrais plus en avoir,et ma compagne ne peut pas en avoir.Est il toujours possible de s’épanouir dans cette situation?

  202. lariotte andre says

    bonjour mark hamilton je vous ecris ce message en francais sorry? pour vous remercier de l’interet ainsi que de l’honeur que vous me faites de participer a votre société NEOTHINK. Pour l’instant je ne vois pas le potentiel que je peux bien avoir,mais je suis emerveiller et amballer par les ppossibilitées qu’offre votre livre “LA REVELATION INTERDITE” je poccede le livre sur le poker du Dr VALLAS que j’ai trouvé compliqué a lire 1 question ?que sont les colis 1,2,3 patrimoniaux?et quelles sont les premieres et les secondes vous remercie de me repondre quand vous le ^pourrez ma boite mail est :andy-laryathotmail.frmerci et a bientot!!!!!!!

  203. bonjour mark , j’ai bien reçu “la révélation interdite ” que j’ai commencé à lire , j’ai dèja eu quelques résultats positifs avec le colis néotetch des secrets internes, un prêt de 4000 euros par mon employeur , un découvert de 400 euros accorder par ma banque , des propositions de travail , mais je ne suis pas encore millionnaire !! je pense y arriver avec le temps , puisque le miracle de 10 secondes est dans le fascicule.

    cordialement, dominique

  204. sylvain rosemond says

    Bonjour marc te dire là profondeur que m’apporte néothink exige un pc en état de marche et pas un smartphone quoique depuis que je suis sur les perception ma vision prend une nouvelle dimension je passe beaucoup plus de temps au piano et mes sensation actuel sont tout simplement phénoménal encore merci je découvre des voies que je n’avais pas à ce jour explorer mes capacité prennent une dimension autre merci encore merci et à très vite.

  205. Maria Fransz says

    Feel honored to be part of such a selective group. Can’t wait to meet all of you.

  206. Dear Mister Hamilton, my english is very poor, i can’t send you an english message, but better one in my langage, French. Sorry for that.
    J’ai acheté il y a longtemps déjà le livre “La sté secrète Nova Team” titré ‘Le colis néotech des secrets internes, de l’auteur Walace Alexander Savage. Ce premier livre était très compliqué et n’a abouti à rien pour ma part.
    J’ai bien reçu votre livre “la révélation interdite”; vous y parlez de choses fort interressantes, mais je ne peux comprendre les référence aux ” colis patrimonial” que je n’ai pas à ma disposition. Afin que vous me connaissiez un peu mieux, permettez moi de me présenter à vous quelques uns de mes côtés un peu spéciaux: j’ai toujours su que j’étais une personne à part qui avait un destin à part, depuis tout jeune, les élèves de toutes mes classes m’ont toujours vus comme quelqun qu’ils ne comprenaient pas, de différent, avec toutes les méchancetés qui vont avec… La différence est en effet très mal vécue, surtout de la part des enfants entre eux… J’ai donc d’abord découvert par moi-même toutes l’envergure de ces différences jusqu’à la mort de mon père en 1991… Lui même était médium, mais n’avait pas pu en parler, même à ma Mère. Ses dons me sont venus en masse dès les semaines qui ont suivis son décès. Les ponts que j’entretenais dans d’autres vies de mon passé avec les magies du passé ont resurgies également. Je découvris entre autre que les esprits, de quelque force ou degré qu’ils soient me craignaient, et, que les plus sombres d’entre eux me fuiyaient véritablement.
    Je suis quelqu’un doté d’une force de copmpréhention très rapide (7fois plus qu’une personne moyenne selon mon psy ), mon intelligence et mes réactions rapides et imprévisibles m’ont rendu très fort en ‘exorcisme’ pour les personnes ou surtout enfants qui étaient attaquées par les forces obscures. Mon travail dans ces sciences paranormales est à 100% POUR LE BIEN, je suis un défenseur infatigable des terres du tout puissant, du positif et des personnes qui veulent en devenir ou qui veulent partir du mal pour rejoindre le bien. Je suis en train de reprendre l’Entreprise Familiale créée par mon Père et lancée par ma Mère; je suis donc très pris par cela puisque je dois faire le Laboratoire, le commercial, le Bureau et que je suis seul pour presque tout. J’aimerais vous rencontrer, car je sens en vous une personne bonne et pleine de ressources positives. Pour ne rien vous cacher, je passe une période difficile, ou l’investissemennt de toutes mes ressources financières et phisiques dans l’Entreprise familiale ne me permettent pas l’investissement du livre que je vous ai acheté; mais je penses que si dieu et notre destin nous le permet, nous pourrons faire de grandes et belles choses ensembles. Je ne veux pas vous prendre plus de temps, et, vous béni, vous et votre entreprise afin que toutes les chances soient avec vous.
    Bien cordialement,

    Jean-Pierre Hoscheck
    N° Client personnel : 2226634
    N.B.: si vous trouvez le temps de me répondre, merci d’adresser l’email (dans l’objet) :
    “à l’attention personnelle de M. Jean-Pierre Hoscheck”

  207. konofal pierre says

    je viens de recevoir la revelation interdite j’en suis a la premiere partie les questions que je me pose j ai joue vendredi soir au tierce pour gagner 47 euros quelle affaire j espere gagner plus d’argent dans quels jours mais surement la n’ais pas la question mais j’espere avoir de vos nouvelles prochainement cher MARC MON MENTOR

  208. Charles Harris says

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for picking me to be a part of this great movement. I am trying to join every part of it as I can.

    Thank you again. Hope to talk to you again soon.

    Charles H.
    Titusville, Florida

  209. Everly E Spurrier Jr says

    Hello Mark,
    Thank you for inviting me into your society. I first bought a couple of your books around 2000 !! I think from that time on I have lived in total honesty. Things happened and I never finished the books or got side tracked because of bankruptcy. I love helping people and enjoying Mother Earth (Nature) I have played most of my life……..very enjoyable. I will have some more comments later. Just attended 1st meeting.
    Great start……….looking forward to meeting everyone !!

  210. Virginia Edwards says

    Thank you for making me apart of your Neothink Society.

  211. Gilbert Christian says

    Bonjour, j’ai bien reçu ce jour “la révélation interdite”,que je vous ai commandé. J’ai voulu m’inscrire sur votre site mais ce n’est pas possible. Comment procéder. Merci

  212. Hello Mark Hamilton sorry for my english I got “la revelation interdite ” Vos désirs sont des ordres ” et les plus profonds secrets du noyau central du systeme neo-tech ” But I don’t recieve twelve visions Maybe I recieve it twenty years ago so I’ve lost sorry could you help me about that ?
    I love your concept, your idea about ” we must play to be happy as adult but to find my ” tonigh friday essence’
    Must I remember my childhood ? and the plays I had or what thing can guide me about it Somewhere else it looks like two way in your philosophy the first it’s very rational and other way it’s sems quite magic
    Quelle chose peut me guider dans la recherche de mon essence du vendredi soir ? d’autre part il semble qu’il y a deux approches dans vos livres une approche très rationnelle et une autre plutôt magique ou relevant de la pensée positive je ne saisi pas trop ce qu’elles ont en commun merci de m’éclairer sur ce sujet

  213. ciao mark hamilton ,as mentor salvatore vaccaro from naple sitaly i waith yuo in nex meething
    we contiunin civilitiation of the universe,yuo are my mentor and vision world wide,work with yuo hand to hand,please let me know owercome mark
    ciao from salvatore vaccaro italy

  214. ROBERT G GUZMAN says

    Mark thanks for selecting me as your apprentices, i tryed to login but i guess I need a user
    ID and password. will I get it from you.

    Mark I do have have one question at this time, and I keep asking myself why did you
    and the Neothink society think that I have all these hidden talents, one thing I can tell
    you is that I have for the most part been a leader and not a follower.


  215. William Lee Riley says

    As a Neo-Tech member who studys and applies the knowledge in my one and only manuscript daily. Let me say it is the most life changing knowledge i have ever found. I am sure the other manuscripts are even more powerful. I hunger for them all. But when you send me a letter on a tuesday and ask me to send you $300 three days later or pay $599 for the Neo-Think manuscript when Im forced presently to be living on a $730.00 mothly disablity income it just cant happen.
    Neo-tech knowledge will lift me out of proverty as time goes by. But why such a short time to buy knowledge that promises and will liberate people? Its the sole reason many people who recieve your letters dont respond. Printing cost in bulk is super cheep pennies a page. Change the time to buy and more poor people who truly need the knowledge can truly change their life.
    However, with that said let me say this. I am thankful for the knowledge I have that came through you. [Moderator: Do not put your address on the public internet]

  216. Joshua Deitas says

    Joshua Addu Deitas

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for hand picked me to be your chosen one as a searcher along with you. I feel like I am ready to go along with you.

  217. Elmer Smalley says

    Most everything I have learned so far i have been doing for years.I also can see a lot of things I will learn. And i can hardly wait.

  218. sylvain rosemond says

    Salut marc je n’ai pas de mots qui puisse définir la profondeur de tes écrits être choisi par toi es la meilleure chose qui me soit arrivé si aujourd’hui je commence à reprendre goût d’approfondir d’avantage c’est que j’ai pu voir grace à la beauté de ce qui n’à pas de prix encore merci et vive néothink j’espère retrouver vite mon pc j’ai tant de choses à partager avec toi. ….

  219. Timothy Mitchell says

    This is it Mark Hamilton i have finally made this happen!!!!! I am ready to move on to the next level !!!! Thanks for the invite i look forward to the future!!!!!

  220. anita keuller says

    Dear mark Hamilton,

    Thank you Mark for accepting me in this wonderful Neothink Society and I am very honored to have you as my mentor. I will start soon on my Level One.


  222. LeRoy Snyder says

    need to talk soon i hope;

  223. Thank you for Neothink Society we need a new society and that we our GodMan

  224. Karl kullik says

    Danke Mark Hamilton. Ich spreche kein englisch, verstehe nicht was da geschrieben ist. Bitte ins deutsche übersetzen. Karl Kullik

  225. Mr. Hamilton, I’m very much grateful for this opportunity to rediscover myself because of your Society of secret’s. I look forward to proceed in this journey with you and your team. I’m so excited that words cannot suffice to explain my state of mind. A million thanks for selecting me to be a member of the League.

  226. Lori Hill says

    Hello Mark,

    I am so excited for the Twelve Visions Party to become a reality!

    Thank you for your perseverance and dedication.


  227. Emile Meyer says

    Thanks a TON for your support and creation of an EXCELLENT new Life Cycle!!!!!
    I am not able to call into the meetings as needed; could you guys email me the meetings, especially the Volume #4 Book 1 (04/09/15 Call), Volume #5 Book 2 (04/10/15 Call), Volume #6 Book 3 (04/11/15 PM Call) and Volume #3 (the 04/12/15 PM Call)!
    I will truly be appreciative if possible!!


    Emile M.

  228. Treva Williams says

    I believe in the twelve visions world. I have already ordered my political party paperwork from the Secretary of State. My mind has been telling me for sometime now that a new system is coming and this system is becoming obsolete. I always knew that I’d have a position bringing in this new system. It must come to pass. As I read the material in “Forbidden Knowledge” I kept saying to myself,”How does he know my future?”. And my spirit and soul would say “absorb this”. I am anxious to be a part of this and see this into fruition. I believe we have an obligation to bring this new system in and cause it to spread world wide, as soon as possible. I believe as the forerunners we must make sure that others come into this new system. The old tread mill prevented you from even having enough time to yourself to find out why you were discontent. All change can be uncomfortable but now we have hope. Otherwise I believe if you don’t make the change the consequences will be eternal.

  229. Merwyn Riddle says

    I have read and studied the three Neothink manuscripts and just started on Forbidden Revelation. They are all marvelous. I am 95. And how I wish that I had this information 70 years ago. I find it all very exciting but am having some problems in applying it all to my life. My biggest problem is in gaining access to the site. I need a user name and password. Nothing I have tried has been acceptable. I attended one of your Essence meetings. My computer became unavailable for several weeks. Now I am lost. Right now i am using my I pad at which I am not very adept. Please help me to solve this dilemma. I want To contact a clubhouse if possible. I am anxious to learn.

  230. patricia barnes says

    I made a comment and lost it somehow so to finish, I have euphoric feelings of late and I now know that there is hope for me and the future. the feeling of being totally lost is just about gone. my life has not been the best and to some extent has been what no one should have to go through.. hope is what you are giving me and for that I cannot ever repay you. trust is very hard for me and I am learning how to trust thanks to you, mark. you are more than a mentor. you have brilliant way about that helps people in ways you can never dream of. you are undertaking the greatest job ever known to the history of man and you will do it . you are remarkable, mark. I will be there along with the other members to help you. from patricia m barnes

  231. Regina Lacy says

    Thank you Mark for this rare opportunity

  232. Hello Mark hoe are you My friend, Just keep and touch.

    Bet Regards
    Michael Troy

  233. Robert Hoffman says

    Hi Mark Hamilton; Just joined the website and wanted to thank you for the great life changing
    books. I am one of those that are level 1 and completely stumped on what my FNE could be.
    I am however looking forward to the life altering journey with your help of course. Thanks
    again for the opportunity

  234. Ferdinand Fueller says

    Hi Mark.
    I feel like you and I have known each other for a very long time. My ancestors and your ancestors have had a lot of similarities, endured a lot of hardships. I do agree and believe that the only solution is to do the 12 vision world. I will do everything in my power for that cause. This time of year is very demanding of my time with our business. Sometime in the future when you and I are not so busy, perhaps we could talk about our similarities.

    Yours truly your friend, Ferdinand Fueller

  235. Temidayo Oshin says

    hi Mark, i live in london- Middlesex, uk, have been trying to get hold of the CLUBHOUSE,nearby but it hard for me at the moment, this is where i you need to come in,am afraid, i would appreciate this as soon as possible! thanks – Temi

  236. Mantas Bielskis says

    Like to be member .

  237. Mantas Bielskis says

    Helo mark just joined the neothing page , would like you contact me and explain me more thank you.

  238. Kwesi Asante says

    Thank you very much Mark Hamilton for selecting me to joined the Neothink Society.

  239. Mark, Im longly alone in SOUTH AFRICA please introduce me to other Neothink/neotech society members.To start inter acting, register with our local Clubhouses SEALE MOCHEKO S .A

  240. Dear Mark,
    I would truly appreciate a word of my approval to be taken into Neo-Thinkers. I HAVE HEARD THAT MY ACCEPTANCE IS LIKELY AT ANY TIME. i want very much to meet you, and the other people who have\
    been so patient with me! I want to be personally known by the next president of the United States!
    Most honestly,
    Dr. Robert S., Ph.D.

  241. We are happy to be invited into the Neothink Secret meetings. We had duplicate memberships. We have called and cancelled one of them. We don’t have a lot of money , However, we have a phenomenal business to build and a story to tell. We look forward to meeting you and networking with others so we continue to grow!!!

  242. Vina Tabor says

    Level four part one and two answered my question regarding advice. Thank you..

  243. Vina Tabor says

    Thank you Mr. Hamilton for brining me in the Society, I need to know art advice on how to give advice to others to bring them in the society of secret, I would appreciate some help.

  244. hi Mark,
    Have just received your letter and the book yesterday.So the next step is what am waiting for.

    speak to you soon.Membership number: 2697513-Temidayo O.

  245. ALEX BARANGO says

    Thank you very much Mark for your life changing books. The first two heirloom packages were wonderful. I am yet to receive my third package. I am very humble to be invited to join this members free website that is full of wisdom. Although, it should have been free for one-year but I am charged. All said, I am now looking forward for my 10 minutes miracle. I desperately need to move away from the continues hand to mouth struggles and be who I am created to be.

  246. Alan Hardesty says

    Hi Mark,
    I’m straightal, new chosen member(thank
    you very much) hardesty. I’m on level one
    Having some tech problems using. Galaxy
    3 tablet, need to know if it’s compatible
    with Adobe Flash Player and videos on website?
    I see I may have to wait until level 3 to find
    out but, to date, I’ve not been able to de-code anything!!!
    You are my mentor (great) and I’m looking
    forward to working with u.


    i am so excited about my books i am on my 4th book .there is alot to read, in am trying to sign in and i cannot get in for some reason .i am a computer naves .i really need to talk to some one can someone contact me and give me a lead way.

  248. Ronald Davis says

    I am so excited to become familiar and learn this material. It is a lot comprehend. Thanks for inviting me to the Neothink Society. What is the best method to comprehend all of this information?

  249. I am so happy to be part of the Neothink Society. I am seeing a clearer picture and looking forward to learning more. I taken steps (that I wouldn’t have normally taken before) to find my child of past. I have enjoyed reading the material that I received and looking forward to more. I am applying the tools I have learned so far. I have become more focused and happy since becoming a part of Neothink and TVP. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will accomplish.

  250. Mark:
    I just got your letter inviting me to finally begin going to the meetings! But I cannot activate my account to begin my journey. I called and spoke with someone yesterday and they told me to just type in ” activate my account”. But there are literally ten pages under this search………..what am I missing? I really want to get into this site as I am half way h my third book. Any ideas would be helpful! I am going in under FireFox as y search engine, as you stated in the letter that yahoo and google do not function.

    Sorry to bother you with an IT problem, but I could not find the number to call to ask someone else.
    Thank you
    Cannot wait to meet you soon!

    Cathleen Macy

  251. Mark, your teaching have transformed me,especially after i have discovered my friday night essence and the Ten second miracle.I have discovered my innate leadership possesions i have ,and the creative urge coming out of your teachings.With hope for the better and trust to the GODMAN. Thank you,Thank you, Mark Hamilton. Seale Mocheko South Africa.

  252. thomas pike says

    i would like to attend a clubhouse meeting

  253. thomas pike says

    thank you I want to join

  254. thomas pike says

    I have truly been helped I want to join and go to meetings

  255. Marama Harrington says

    Mark. I just can’t believe that this is genuinely real and I have been chosen into your Neothink Society. I’m so excited. I am re-reading the Deepest Inner- Core Secrets book again. I have decided that I am going to live my life how I’m supposed to live it and be very happy.
    I’ve always felt different and was forced to use my right hand and not my dominant left at school when I was seven. Hence the reason I had learning difficulties at school as well as comprehending tertiary readings. After reading Neothink 111 and unable to put it down, I have decided to leave my teaching job of over twenty years. YES! YES! YES! My brain was blank of creative ideas or new products that no-one has come up with until I read this book, Now I am going to re-read the Deepest Inner-Core Secrets book to be successful. I was excited last year when I renovated my house for the first time all on my own and sold it. I felt calm and ecstatic. I was my own boss. Thank you Mark.

  256. Sherry Ellen Dodd says

    Thank you so very much Mark. Greatness to you.

  257. buenodolly says

    merci mark

  258. buenodolly says

    bonjour mark

  259. Mark thank you very much for choosing me to be part of this new unfolding world in frond me, i feel honoured and previledged to be selected to partner you in Neo-Think/ Neo-Tech society . As you promise to hold the leddar for me,in the next twelf steps of my journey i will not disappoint you.THANK YOU SEALE MOCHEKO

  260. J’ ai la vive reconnaissance pour ce que vous m’ aviez choisi pour être parmi vous dans cette société
    j’ ai reçu la première partie de colis il me reste que le dernier cols pour que je puisse faire LES 3 PIÈCES du PUZZLE SCN je remercie beaucoup mon MENTOR

    I ‘ am gratitude for what you m’ had chosen to be here in this society
    I have received the first part of the package I still have the last passes so I can do ALL 3 PIECES PUZZLE SNA I thank my MENTOR

  261. Don Jackson says

    Don Jackson: jan. 23,2015 12:48 Thank you : looking forword,new, can’t hardly wait!11

  262. I’m a single parent – who works two jobs, seven days a week. I don’t have any days off. I have not been able to completely read my books. I’ve been so tired lately – due to being sick. I am very grateful that I was chosen, but I can’t seem to keep up. I am excited but kind of worried that I can’t fullfil my obligations to excel.

    Larrilynn P.

  263. Wesley Hoffman says


    I forgot to mention that I am so honored and thankful every day for you, your Dad, the Neothink Society. Thank you for including me and asking me to be a foundational level member with you. Thank you for I am humbled and greatful every day. I can not wait for my dreams to actualize! All the way MHP!

  264. Wesley Hoffman says

    Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society for following up and following through with regards to helping us jump into our 10 second miracles and moving into the wealthy elite and achieving our dreams!! Thank You reconfirming and solidifying the letters we received as members to become the people we were always meant to be! This is priceless, transformative and life lifting. Finally, that other life now exists. Thank you so much!

  265. milton ferguson says

    Thanks mark for sending 3000 yr secret it got me back interested and an active member again i have forgotten how long it was when i started 2004 i think i am glad to be back thanks miltferg

  266. Thomas Silvia says

    Thank you Mr Hamilton

    In this comment to you. By hand selecting me for this new opportunity. I pledge to you and the great people of NTS that I will do my best to move the NTS, NTR and the TVP forward. And I will do this by starting a new clubhouse in Souhtern Massachusetts ASAP! And I also want you to know I’m deep into the new manuscript 3000 YEAR OLD SECRET!

  267. Mark Escarcega says

    Hello Again dearest Mark Hamilton, family and Friends:

    It’s after 1:00 A.M. now, and I can’t be busy all night and all day ever day, so I should go and get some rest now. I need to get an early start Sunday morning.

    Let the strenght of God-men in-power all of us, we have to speed up our generation now, and get all of us on a higher level, so that we can all continue to enjoy the gifts of love and life that we were all ment to live and enjoy, (Our Garden of Eden on Earth, Our Paradice, Our Bliss, Our Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.

    So God-men bless you all and adjust you speed to your God-men perfection now, and keep it there. Take control of the reins and lets all have no dought and bring that heaven you are dreaming about down to earth for all of us, every moment of your lives and mine. God-men bless you beloved Mark Hamilton always and all our families and friends. Lets always remember all the God-men blessings we have benifited from and continue gowing the blessed life of our heaven on earth, for one and for all of us. From the beginning, now, forever and evermore always. God-men is within all of us, lets use that power now and always,

    God-men bless you Mark Hamilton, Family and Friends, yours turly; Mark Escarcega

  268. francisco avendano says

    Thanks, I would love to be a part of this society.

  269. Stephen Lanzel says

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton: just doesn’t seem to cover it, to express my thankfulness, for what you are doing for me(us). To be a part of your hand-chosen, is the best thing that ever happen, to me. I feel the best things are going, to keep happening, with you, as a mentor. My favorite from Morpheus is “Don’ t think you are, know you are”. This should be the results. Thank you, thank you, an again thank you Mr. Hamilton, did I say that enough?

  270. Clarence Davis says

    Have come many myriads of miles since receiving the 1st letter from you & all of them interesting & enlighting. Now it it truly X for the uplifting of Universal Wealth, & Health & Peace, & Love for all.

  271. Linda Hofbauer says

    Hello Mr. Hamilton,

    In my favorite movie, Morpheus says, “I can only show you the door, you have to open it”.
    I said to you in an earlier integration, “You asked for 1 year, I’ll see your year, and raise you ..???”
    I’ve opened the door. I’ve taken the red pill, I’ve had my vision sharpened. My senses are extremely acute. I see the numbers and the dream completed. It is so stunningly simple, yet complex.
    I look forward to meeting you personally, and I will, to thank you. I too see big things in my future and I’ve
    always cherished that dream (creating values by playing) only I called it “getting paid to have fun and be human”. As a singer, I have had the pleasure in life of getting paid to do what I really love doing. As a
    singer, I also have had the “real job” taunt, and the vampiric touch of those who have no dreams, hope,
    or belief in themselves, the non-believers in life.In my favorite movie, Morpheus also says,”there’s a
    difference in knowing the path and walking it”. Whereas I want to run, I’ll walk,. One of these days you must hear the joke ot the two bulls overlooking a herd of cows. Cue off the punchline-I’ll take my time ,
    walk, and have it all.

    Thank you, Mr. Hamilton. This is going to be fun. I am ready to see just how far the rabbit hole goes.
    I bid you peace-Linda

  272. Thank you Mark. What an honor it is to be a part of this. I just received my book yesterday and I’m looking forward to reading it. The first tree heirloom packages were just amazing. I’m so looking forward to seeing all these changes take place…Once again…Thank You!

  273. Gwendolyn Brathwaite says

    Thank you Mark for this opportunity you want to give me but first I need to tell you that I cry all the time. It is due to the stroke that I had in 2006, it left me crying all the time. When someone speak to me, I cry, I don’t want to but I cry. My doctor don’t know what it is that I have. So if that will be a problem for you than I understand.

  274. Daniel Gonzalez says

    Mark Hamilton you open my mind to the new and real World. Thank you my great mentor.
    Apprentice Daniel González

  275. Geneva Branham says

    Thank you Mark for this great opportunity. lots of love and thankfulness to you.

  276. Warren Dennis says

    Hi Mark I’m glad to be a member,and know I have a lot to learn,and can see you’r (our) dream come to a Reality in the not too distant future,again, Thanks.

  277. dianne lewis says

    Dear Mark,

    I feel honored, very privledged you selected me to partner with you. I’ve been waiting all my life to reach someone who shared the same thoughts and visions of the future I’ve always dream of. Only a few things in the manuscripts you sent me, floored,or took me by supprise, but I embrased them, because
    I undersood your full vision. 99 percent of your visions, I’ve only lived them in my dreams. Thank you so very much for contacting me. I would love to be a part of your Twelve Visions Party.

    Dianne Lewis

  278. Elizabeth Avery says

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you very much for making me feel so very special by selecting me to join Neothink Society. You are truly a literary genius. Ever since reading the first volume my life changed dramatically. I realized that by honestly following your instructions with no hidden agenda or looking for instant gratification is the key to success in achieving all that you have stated. I know that my vestige of mysticism is still blocking me from achieving my potential. I also know that by constantly reading your literature and being active in the Society will help me get to the next level of GodMan and into the C of U. Thank you once again for believing in me and helping me fulfill my life and dreams.



  279. Ralph Menchaca says

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for the Opportunities on this Web-Site. Also for the Great Book!
    The Web-Site, and the Prime Literature is Quite Impressive! The Book is Great Reading!

  280. Robert Naegle says

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for selecting me as part of the Society. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  281. Vicente San Martin Jr says

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for selecting me to be part of the Neothink Society

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