Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Twelve Visions Party

Twelve Visions PartyAs an Active Neothink® Member, you can be part of the inner-workings of the Twelve Visions Party if you choose. This is one of the most exciting developments in our rapidly deteriorating country. The Twelve Visions Party is like the founding of our country all over again, only a better country immune to rule of man, poverty and failure. And YOU can be one of the historic founders of the Twelve Visions World if you so choose. Imagine what your grandchildren will think! This is no longer only on the pages of my books. This is now happening in real life and available to you. As I said, my Neothink® Manuscripts come to life when you become an Active Neothink® Member, from making good money to changing the world for the better. You become part of “The Group” described in Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, but for real in our existing world! There is nothing more exhilarating!

Break free from the suppressed class and from stagnation and rise toward the wealthy elite class and its exhilaration, happiness and wealth! I implore you to step into my world with me! It’s like stepping into Inner-Circle Secrets and Miss Annabelle’s Secrets, but for real! Being an Active Neothink® Member brings you exhilaration, wealth, action and happiness! And romantic love! You will desire to live your life — the good life — much longer. And with the TVP Movement gaining momentum with the purpose to nullify the suppressive ruling class, soon scientists, businessmen, doctors, new technologies, life-saving cures and procedures will be free to race ahead to meet the demand of happy Neothink® people wanting to live their exhilarating lives much longer.

Click Here to Become Active In the Twelve Visions Party and In Founding The Twelve Visions World