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Saturday, July 20, 2024


Mark Hamilton Neothink ClubhousesSend Your Monetary and Romantic
Success Soaring!

Let’s start with the Neothink® Clubhouses spread around the country where Active Neothink® Members attend, socialize, discuss the literature, receive lessons and workshops, and enjoy meeting other like-minded Neothink® men and women.  The Neothink® Clubhouse is like a coming-home experience…like discovering your closest family for the first time!  And sometimes your true love!  At my Neothink® Clubhouses, Active Neothink® Members are mentored and tutored to launch their success!  During the process, romance has flared up between Neothink® men and Neothink® women.  Some have fallen in love.  Some have gotten married and now cherish Neothink Love!  I personally know many beautiful Neothink® women and men who are looking for a romantic Neothink® soul mate.  Get into your local clubhouse before they are taken!  As I said, I founded the Neothink® Society to bring monetary and romantic success to my active members!  As an Active Neothink® Member, you will have access to all Neothink® Clubhouses anywhere in the world!  Plan a road trip and visit them across America!  Others have done it and say the feeling is beyond this world.  As author of your heirloom packages and multigenerational manuscripts, I am telling you that your Neothink® Clubhouse experience will be life-changing…so personally valuable, perhaps so romantically valuable that you will cringe at the thought of your life before the Clubhouse!  By discovering your Neothink® Family, you will NOT be denied love and happiness!

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Attending the Clubhouse is just the beginning – just one of the many life-lifting values of being an Active Neothink® Member in my Neothink® World.

Another way to make money and become a MHP (a Mark Hamilton Partner) is to start and run a Neothink® Clubhouse!  It is the most exhilarating and emotionally fulfilling experience a Neothink® man or woman could possibly experience, and the profits you receive by having your own Neothink® Store in your Clubhouse will be split between you and me.  Here is an example of what I meant earlier by getting in early at the ground-floor level: Establish and set up your Neothink® Clubhouse and Neothink® Store now, and you could soon be a rapidly growing Clubhouse.  I will send to your Clubhouse all my readers in your geographical area!  As I expand the society to the general public and the public rushes in…your store could make you a good living doing what you love doing while meeting amazing people!  Moreover, not to be discussed now (but in a couple of months), when I open up the Neothink® Society Network Marketing Opportunity…your Neothink® Clubhouse could become a hugely lucrative recruiting “cash cow”.

For the first time ever, I have selected you to make money with me in our Clubhouse venture together, if this ground-floor opportunity interests you.  Again, as you will see, the Clubhouse fits like a glove with the networking opportunity that I will offer my founding members in a couple of months.  Get in this BEST position first!  You parlay your income by getting your commission AND bringing them into YOUR Clubhouse selling the Neothink® products at your Neothink® Store.  In our joint venture, I am going to give you fully fifty percent of everything we make when your clubhouse store sells my expensive life-changing books to family and friends and the general public.  I will split the profits with you 50/50!  We become partners!  Your clubhouse sells my books to anyone at all not on my customer list and you receive a full 50% of the net profits.  You sell my books to anyone already on my customer list and you receive a full 25% of the profits!  And I will be establishing high-paying down-line-commissions for those who take advantage of the first-ever Neothink® network marketing opportunity.

Let us ponder your Clubhouse with its Neothink® Store: You provide the place (could be your own home or the library or any place that works), and I provide the members and the entire catalog of Neothink® products.  You will always be in the middle of all the action!  When you become an Active Neothink® Member, you will be given all the details for this clubhouse opportunity.  There is NO buy-in.  It is a FREE opportunity open to you as one of my hand-chosen founding Active Neothink® Members in my Neothink® World.  Again, this is another MHP avenue that could be very lucrative to you.  Imagine when I open this up to the public.  In a few months I will open this up to the general public, so get in position NOW!  Why not make money while doing something you love?  I call that discovering your Friday-Night Essence and living your life-ambition!  If that feels exciting to you, let’s say we just had our first ten-second miracle together!  You see, with me in my world, you will discover your Friday-Night Essence, and you will make lucrative Ten-Second Miracles.  In short, in my Neothink® World you become the person you were meant to be, living the prosperous life you were meant to live!  I have always promised you that life in my writings.  Now, here it is!


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Neothink® is a registered ® trade mark of The Neothink® Society